EVENT: NYCC 2012 Recap!


NYCC is officially getting too big for its britches! This year was super-crowded, as you can see by the picture. In fact, it got so big at one point they stopped letting people in for a bit. But that didn’t stop fans from having a blast!


The SJ Fan Meet-Up was held at the NY Kinokuniya Bookstore near Times Square, and we took over the store SJ Alpha style! In fact, the very first SJ Fan Meet-Up ever took place in NY just one year earlier!


We gave out tons of free loot and launched the special NYCC edition of the SJ Alpha Yearbook! The free Yearbook was a huge hit, and the good news is if you’re a subscriber, you’ll get your special member’s edition in December 2012!


But the big draw of the event was the Masakazu Katsura ( I”s, Video Girl Ai, Tiger & Bunny character designer) signing! Fans waited out in the cold just to have the SJ Alpha Yearbook or a Katsura Sensei manga signed.


And of course, there was plenty of hanging out and talking up all things SJ-related with the fans. Always a good feeling to see old fans and new ones brought together by the power of SHONEN JUMP! In fact, some of these guys went to the first-ever SJ Fan Meet-Up last year!


And after the SJ Fan Meet-Up, Katsura Sensei agreed to do an exclusive interview and sketches for SJ Alpha! We'll have more on that later!


With Katsura Sensei as our special guest of honor, the panel was a hit! We broke news, talked up the SJA Yearbook, and discussed the things we, the editorial team, love about Katsura Sensei’s manga.


Thanks to everyone who came to the SJ Fan Meet-Up this year! To find out about the next big SJ Alpha event, follow us on Twitter @shonenjump or visit this site!

by Urian Brown

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Submitted by HeavyHail on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 16:56

What's up with the sign that says "BLAME CANADA" in the picture with the crowd? So much hate in NYC!

Submitted by luckylucky777 on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 16:59