Bleach DVD Set 21

The big battle against the evil mastermind, Aizen!

Naruto Shippuden DVD Set 18

The anime shifts gears and heads for more lighthearted territory. If you're a fan of the comedic side of Naruto Shippuden, this Set's for you!

World Trigger Anime!

Your favorite sci-fi action manga is getting the anime treatment!

Bleach DVD Set 20

A deeper look into the mysterious Visoreds and the fearsome Espadas!

Naruto Anime Poster Contest

Want to win a Naruto Shippuden poster autographed by the Japanese Naruto and Kakashi voice actors? Here's how!

DVD: Bleach DVD Set 19

Ichigo takes on Ulquiorra in one of the greatest battles in the entire anime!

ANIME: Special Kasashi Story Arc

Kakashi's getting his own dedicated story arc in the anime!

Stocking Stuffer Sweepstakes!

Fill up your stocking with these awesome prizes! Enter now for a chance to win!

DVD: Naruto Set 16

It's the Five Kage Summit and the beginning of the Fourth Great Ninja War!!!

VIDEO GAME: Guided Fate Paradox

If you've already put your 100+ hours into Disgaea and are looking for a new fix, might we suggest this little gem.