Fan Art From You

Looks like Eiji Niizuma might have some competition!

New Shonen Jump Series!

Introducing All You Need Is Kill, the latest series to join Shonen Jump!

Fan Art from You

We love it when we get fan art of non-main characters! Keep sendin' 'em in!

Fan Art from You

Muto Ashirogi gets the full-color treatment in Fabioula's fantastic fan art!

Fan Art from You

It's Crow! This Bakuman inspired fan art really pops off the screen!

MANGA: Bakuman Vol. 20 - Final Volume!

It's hard to believe how far they've come after all these years. Will Muto Ashirogi finally fulfill their dream? Don't miss the exciting and very special conclusion to the Bakuman series!!

MANGA: August Graphic Novels

Get your summer reading in before it's too late! Check out these newly released Shonen Jump graphic novels, now in stores!

Fan Art from You

Check out João's cool Bakuman fan art!

Fan Art from You

Check out Marleen's beautifully colored Bakuman fan art!

MANGA: Bakuman

Volume 19 review! Join Mashiro and Takagi as they take on one of the most challenging professions—drawing manga!