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Jan. 17, 2016 - 6:00 AM
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Jan. 15, 2016 - 9:00 AM
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Bakuman。 Vol. 20: Dreams and Reality

Dreams and Reality

Bakuman。 Vol. 20

For ten years, two young men have worked as hard as they possibly could to make their manga dreams come true. Now, as they sit atop the manga world, can the promise made long ago finally be fulfilled?!


Bakuman。 Vol. 1: Free Preview

Free Preview

Bakuman。 Vol. 1

From the creators of Death Note, preview chapter 1 of Bakuman for free!
63 Pages
Bakuman。 Vol. 1: Dreams and Reality

Dreams and Reality

Bakuman。 Vol. 1

Moritaka is hesitant to seriously consider Akito's proposal because he knows how difficult reaching the professional level can be. Still, encouragement from persistent Akito and motivation from his crush push Moritaka to test his limits!
Bakuman。 Vol. 2: Chocolate and Akamaru

Chocolate and Akamaru

Bakuman。 Vol. 2

After Moritaka and Akito collaborate on a manga together, they venture to publishing house Shueisha in hopes of capturing an editor's interest. As much potential as these two rookies have, will their story impress the pros and actually get printed?
Bakuman。 Vol. 3: Debut and Impatience

Debut and Impatience

Bakuman。 Vol. 3

After losing to manga genius Eiji Nizuma, Moritaka and Akito make it their mission to beat this rival--even going so far as to ignore their editor's wishes! But will this decision ultimately help or harm their cause?
Bakuman。 Vol. 4: Phone Call and The Night Before

Phone Call and The Night Before

Bakuman。 Vol. 4

When Akito is unable to come up with a storyboard within the time frame he promised, Moritaka decides to break up their partnership! As they go their separate ways to create manga, it may turn out that they're actually headed in the same direction…
Bakuman。 Vol. 5: Yearbook and Photobook

Yearbook and Photobook

Bakuman。 Vol. 5

Big changes are in store now that Moritaka and Akito have their very own series in Shonen Jump. Hanging out with their favorite manga creators, hiring assistants, keeping track of the weekly reader surveys—life as a professional manga artist is tough! Can these two survive the pressure?
Bakuman。 Vol. 6: Recklessness and Guts

Recklessness and Guts

Bakuman。 Vol. 6

Moritaka and Akito's hard work is paying off, and they start challenging their rival Eiji's popularity in Shonen Jump. But just as they plan to take the next step, the team is hit with a surprising setback. Moritaka and Akito will need the help of their manga artist friends to overcome this hurdle!
Bakuman。 Vol. 7: Gag and Serious

Gag and Serious

Bakuman。 Vol. 7

Moritaka and Akito face the prospect of their series being canceled in Shonen Jump due to dropping popularity. Can the duo avoid the axe and keep fighting? And when Akito starts becoming friendly with fellow manga creator Ko Aoki, how will it affect his long-term relationship with Kaya?
Bakuman。 Vol. 8: Panty Shot and Savior

Panty Shot and Savior

Bakuman。 Vol. 8

Drama swirls around the manga creators as they try to move forward after being canceled from Shonen Jump. Moritaka and Akito work hard on a new comedy story pitch while Aoki and Nakai struggle with some personal issues. But when Kaya uncovers Akito’s meetings with Aoki and Iwase, things might never be the same.
Bakuman。 Vol. 9: Talent and Pride

Talent and Pride

Bakuman。 Vol. 9

With Aiko Iwase teaming up with Eiji to get a series in Shonen Jump, Moritaka and Akito have another major rival to contend with. Can the duo get their series serialized and succeed in Jump this time? And when Akito has to ask for permission to marry Kaya, he’ll have to face her father, a master in Karate!


Average student Moritaka Mashiro enjoys drawing for fun. When his classmate and aspiring writer Akito Takagi discovers his talent, he begs Moritaka to team up with him as a manga-creating duo. But what exactly does it take to make it in the manga-publishing world?

By: Story by Tsugumi Ohba Art by Takeshi Obata