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High-Speed Cards!

By John Bae

Synchro Summoning has two new full Deck themes, but there’s also a good portion devoted to the Duelist who needs no theme: Jack Atlas!

2015 Mega-Tins!

By John Bae

The 2015 Mega-Tins will offer you a second chance at getting some great cards from previous booster sets, as well as a brand new card!

Accelerate Your Game!

By John Bae

The key to Summoning Synchron Extreme’s headline monster, Stardust Warrior, is all in your Deck’s ability to Synchro Summon Level 5 monsters!

Stardust Warrior

By John Bae

The Synchro Extreme Structure Deck features the culmination of all of Yusei’s Synchro strategies from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s!


Pendulum Tuner!

By John Bae

Clash of Rebellions introduces Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer, a Level 4 Dragon-Type Pendulum Tuner Monster!