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SJ Podcast Ep. 131

By Eric Eberhardt

"Shadow Commander" Alexis takes over while Urian visits Japan. Plus news, the issue review and a few new segments!


SJ Podcast Ep. 130

By Eric Eberhardt

Longtime podcast listener (and former Weekly Shonen Jump Editor-in-Chief) Hisashi Sasaki joins the podcast crew! Plus we discuss the new JUMP START series and more.


SJ Podcast Ep. 129

By Eric Eberhardt

This week's podcast is extra-long! Hope that makes up for posting it extra-late... Enjoy our issue review (featuring monthly series!), special guests, and more!


SJ Podcast Ep. 124

By Eric Eberhardt

The countdown to NYCC is in the final stages! On this week's podcast we discuss the final preparations, this week's issue, and more!