Bujin Cards!

With Primal Origin, you can find a new Level 4 Beast-Warrior, Xyz Monster and Bujingi that'll help you win any battle!

Tree-mendous Cards!

New Sylvans erupt from the earth to do battle on your behalf in the new Primal Origin booster set!

Blasts from the Past

Primal Origin is packed with incredible new cards, but that doesn’t mean older themes from previous sets have been forgotten!

Good Knight

The Noble Knights are growing in ranks with the release of the new booster set Primal Origin!

Artifacts of Life

Get the rockin' hot deets on the new Artifact monsters!

Animated Cards!

Dragons of Legend brings a ton of new anime cards, headlined by the Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight!

Chaos Numbers

Number C9: Chaos Dyson Sphere is an incredibly powerful monster that can dominate a Duel as soon as you Summon it!

Gimmick Puppets!

These Gimmick Puppet cards ain't no, they are Gimmicks, but not gimmicky gimmicks. Um...just get 'em. They're pretty cool. On!

Gagaga cards like Yuma's Gagaga Academy Emergency Network make their debut in Premium Gold, available now!

Premium Gold

There are four new Synchro Monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s that will be unleashed as awesome new Gold Secret Rares