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Deck-Building Blocks: Choosing a Side (Deck): The Duelist’s Best Friend

If beginners underestimate anything in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, it’s the Side Deck. It’s just a few cards you can use to modify your main Deck between Duels, they think. What’s so great about that? The answer: adaptation!

What’s In...Side?
Like the Extra Deck, the Side Deck is optional, containing anywhere from one to fifteen cards. Between Duels during a Match, you may swap out for cards in either your Main Deck or Extra Deck. And by swap, we mean that all Decks have to have the same number of cards they started with. No adding or dropping!

Try to Slim Down
Absolute beginners often think that more cards means more power, right? Wrong. All too often you’ll find that only one card can help you, and you need to draw it now. The bigger your Deck, the lower your odds of drawing what you need when you need it. Hence why more experienced Duelists stick to the 40-card minimum!

Beside Yourself
The Side Deck lets you shift your strategy. There’s nothing wrong with insurance, but too many defensive cards in your Main Deck makes offense hard, especially when your opponent is unprepared. Likewise, some cards are only useful weapons, but only against very specific Deck-types. These are the cards you’ll want to stash in your Side Deck—the cards you only may need. There’ll be plenty of time to decide what to change in the second (and possibly third) Duels.

Side Orders

Here are some cards that go great on the side!

If your opponent’s a fan of Direct Damage, Spell of Pain sends the damage right back at them.

Roach Invasion
When Shiny Black "C" is in your Graveyard, Banish it to destroy a Synchro monster as soon as it hits the field.

A Vicious Cyclone
Space Cyclone detaches an Xyz Material from any monster.

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by Chris Turner

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Submitted by tonybj7785 on Mon, 04/02/2012 - 23:09

Ok, so I noticed some errors again.... (again making me wonder if you have an actual duelist there.....sorry, that was rude.)

you have "Space Cyclone removes one of your Xyz Material monsters.'
Space Cyclone detaches 1 Xyz Material from a monster. Meaning any Xyz monster on the field, especially not JUST yours.

with the spell of pain comment.... you put "the damage the damage".... that's just a random easy to happen typo.

I think it was another typo error but i can't find it again at the moment. Thank you and your welcome?

Submitted by John Bae on Tue, 04/03/2012 - 09:06

Thanks for catching the errors!