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Submission Release Form

Please be sure to print out and include the following form with your fan art.

Submission Release Form
PDF* Format, 54KB

Send your mail and fan art to: SHONEN JUMP c/o VIZ Media, LLC
P.O. Box 77010 • San Francisco, CA 94107

1. Fan art is only accepted via postal mail.
2. When sending fan art, you must include a SIGNED COPY of the release form, which you can download from this page.
3. Clearly label your envelope "Fan Art" or "Letter to the Editor," and write the name of the related manga title on the back of the envelope.
4. Please make your artwork NO LARGER THAN 8 1/2" by 11". Try not to fold your art.
5. Original art is preferred over tracings.
6. We can't return entries. Sending photocopies of your original work is fine!
7. All entries become the exclusive property of VIZ Media, LLC. Submissions may be printed, reproduced, distributed or modified at our sole discretion in SHONEN JUMP, or any other media or publication or web site, or posted at conventions (or all of the above). No compensation will be paid for any such use of the submissions.
8. Please clearly label each piece of your artwork on the back with your name, address and age.
9. Drawings featuring SHONEN JUMP characters will be given priority over drawings of characters from other anime or manga.
10. Unless you specifically state in writing that you don't want us to, we may print your name, age, city and state.

1. Flex your creativity. SJ prides itself on showing the most original, most innovative manga art out there!

2. Pay attention to detail. It will separate your art from all the rest.

3. Include your name, address and age on the back of your art. Make sure to send in your consent form.

4. Send letters with your art. We want to know why you drew what you did. And besides, we need something to read. We get bored sometimes.

5. Use speed lines when you're drawing action... because it's so much cooler that way.

1. Don't send any tracings! We already know the manga artists can draw! Show us your skill and imagination.

2. Don't use lined paper. It only detracts from the art.

3. Don't exclusively use computers. Retouching is allowed with computers, BUT fan art must be hand-drawn first. Please include the original sketch with any submission.

4. Don't fold your art when you mail it in!

5. Don't forget to draw Bo-bobo's nosehair. (As if you could forget.)

* PDF stands for Portable Document Format. If you wish to view and print any of these PDF files, you will need a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This software is free and is available for download directly from Adobe's website. If you currently do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get the software by clicking the button below and following the resulting instructions.