Games We Love


We take a look back at all the standout video games of 2013 and give them made-up awards!

GDC Games We Love Awards!

I went to GDC last week and took a look at the student and independent games! And now I'm giving them made-up awards!

VIDEO GAME: Incoming! (Feb 16–28)

As the world thaws, so does the game release schedule. Here's some good stuff coming out in the next couple of weeks!

VIDEO GAME: Incoming! Feb 01–15

Spring is coming, and the video game release schedule is staring to perk up a bit. Here are some games of interest coming your way!

VIDEO GAME: Puzzle & Dragons Review

Haha! You'll never guess what two things this game combines!

VIDEO GAME: Incoming! (January 15–31)

While it's still the off season for releases, there are some neat games coming out in the next few weeks. Neat games like these!

VIDEO GAME: Incoming! (January1–January 15)

It's the beginning of the year! And not the best time for game releases, but we found some good gems coming out in the next few weeks.

VIDEO GAME: A New NARUTO Game For the 3DS!

Naruto fans rejoice! A new game is going to "Rock" your 3DS!

VIDEO GAME: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

It's a me! And I've gotta a bunch of stickers!

VIDEO GAME: Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed takes on the American Revolution in the franchise's third game.