Graphic Novels

One-Punch Man Digital Vol. 2

One-Punch Man digital volume 2 is available now!

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Toriko Vol. 21

Will Master Chin Chin-Chin's harsh training burst Toriko's bubble? The latest GN is available now!

April Graphic Novels

Bleach volume 60 plus more great Shonen Jump titles are available now!

MANGA: Nisekoi Vol.2

Nisekoi volume 2 is now in print and at your local bookstores!

March Graphic Novels

One Piece volume 70 plus more SHONEN JUMP releases are available now!

MANGA: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Vol. 4

This volume has more twists and turns than a big bowl of spaghetti noodles!

MANGA: Toriko Vol. 20

Lots of tasty action in the latest volume of Toriko!

MANGA: Bleach Vol. 59

Two of the craziest, strongest, and most feared Soul Reapers go toe-to-toe in this volume!

February Graphic Novels!

Bleach volume 59 plus more SHONEN JUMP releases are available now!

MANGA: Hunter x Hunter Vol. 31

It's election time! Who'll be the next Hunter Association chairman? Also, can anyone save the critically injured Gon?!