Graphic Novels

Toriko Vol. 23

The Four Beasts plan to devour the human populace! Can the Four Kings stop them in time?!

3 Pies in 1 Sky?!

Check out the latest One Piece 3-in-1, containing volumes 25–27!

July Graphic Novels

Naruto volume 66 and more SHONEN JUMP titles are available now!

Seraph of the End Volume 1!

Seraph of the End volume 1 is available now!

June Graphic Novels

One Piece volume 71 and more SHONEN JUMP titles are available now!

Hunter x Hunter Sale!

To celebrate its triumphant return, all Hunter x Hunter volumes will be on sale!

May Graphic Novels

Naruto 3-in-1 volume 8 plus a whole slew of SHONEN JUMP titles are available now!

Nura Vol. 20

The showdown between the Hundred Tales clan and the Nura clan continues in this action-packed volume!

One-Punch Man Digital Vol. 2

One-Punch Man digital volume 2 is available now!

Toriko Vol. 21

Will Master Chin Chin-Chin's harsh training burst Toriko's bubble? The latest GN is available now!