Akira Hattori Interview!

Exclusive video interview with Akira Jean-Baptiste Hattori, Japanese editor of World Trigger and former editor of One Piece!

Japanese Editor Picks

The Japanese editor of Nisekoi gives his thoughts on his favorite chapter and more!

INTERVIEW: World Trigger

SJ editor Alexis Kirsch traveled to Jump Festa and scored an interview with World Trigger creator Daisuke Ashihara.

INTERVIEW: Naoshi Komi

Naoshi Komi, creator of Nisekoi, took some time from his busy schedule of drawing cute girls for an exclusive interview!

Interview: One Piece

We quizzed FUNimation about One Piece starting up on Toonami again. They had some very thoughtful answers.

INTERVIEW: Masashi Kishimoto

Interview with Masashi Kishimoto! Read how his special one-shot Mario came about!

Masashi Kishimoto One-Shot!

Masashi Kishomoto, creator of Naruto, brings us the one-shot exclusive Mario in this week's issue!


Read our exclusive interview and watch our videos, starring a true manga legend—Masakazu Katsura! Click HERE!

INTERVIEW: Masakazu Katsura


EXCLUSIVE: Hiroshi Shiibashi Spotlight

Click HERE to read our interview with Hiroshi Shiibashi and watch him sketch characters from the hit manga series Nura!