Nihongo Lesson

Express your love for Japanese with this week's lesson!

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Vol. 21

War rages on! Will Rikuo and co. be able to save the world before the world turns on him? Find out in this action-packed volume!

3 Pies in 1 Sky?!

Check out the latest One Piece 3-in-1, containing volumes 25–27!

This Week's Issue!

Half-man, half-beast SJ contributor Sean Baylor takes a look at this week's issue!

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Toriko Vol. 22

The fate of humanity is threatened by new villians, and it's up to the Four Kings to stop them!

Claymore Vol. 24

The un-Organized (get it?) Claymores are on Cassandra’s tail!

This Week's Issue!

Inventor of the internationally banned inflatable "Balloonie Sandwich" and SJ Editor Urian Brown gives his take on this week's issue.

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Nihongo Lesson

Feeling too hot over the summer and wanna cool down? Learn how to say so in Japanese!