MANGA: NARUTO Vol. 58 Review


The Fourth Great Ninja War Continues! 

It’s a fight for freedom. It’s a fight against tyranny. It’s a fight between the living and the dead, pitting friends against friends, students against teachers, and legends against legends. The entire story in the manga has been leading up to this war!

In this volume, the battle is split into two fronts. On one front, Gaara and Ohnoki make a stand against a resurrected force of kage, including Gaara’s own father, the previous Kazekage. On the other, Naruto and Killer Bee battle the resurrected combination of Itachi and Nagato Pain.

This volume is simply a must-buy for Gaara fans. Even if you’re not completely up on the story, the flashback explaining Gaara’s terrible upbringing sheds new insight into his character. And seeing the confrontation with him and his regretful father is heart wrenching. It's a powerful scene and Kishimoto Sensei pulls it off without it feeling corny or overly sentimental.  


The fights in this volume are really amazing, as well! So much high-level jutsu! And because the “enemies” are self-aware but not in control of their bodies, it makes for some interesting battles. The enemies will often shout out their weaknesses to help the other side defeat them. It's really funny, and puts a unique twist on the typical manga battle.


The fight between Itachi and Pain vs Naruto and Bee is nothing short of epic. It’s cool to see how powerful Naruto’s become, as he’s able to defend himself against some of Pain’s attacks that he struggled with previously. I won’t go into more detail about the battle, so as not to spoil it for anyone, but I will say this: If you thought Itachi was cool before, this volume will make you love him even more. Like, by a lot.

The final act is pretty wild too, as Naruto’s clone faces off against a resurrected Raikage. Naruto’s clones are amazingly strong these days, and this one’s been in the story so long, it practically has it’s own storyline. I think all the kage are cool, but I really love the Raikage. They’re super strong and wicked fast. And ridiculously tough! 

While the war has it’s highs and lows, Volume 58 is pretty much all highs. Great battles, powerful emotional moments, wonderful surprises and of course, incredible art. This is a war worth reading.

You can buy a copy of Naruto Vol. 58 right here, or read it instantly at or on your favourite mobile devices!

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by Urian Brown


Submitted by Lizzy on Thu, 09/20/2012 - 08:19

Oh, So cool cant wait to read this volume of Naruto! It is getting to be a great story in SJAlpha as well!