VIDEO GAME: One Piece: Pirate Warriors Boss Guide


Video games! The only place where fights with bosses can be fun! This boss guide will make getting through some of the early boss battles in One Piece: Pirate Warriors a little easier!

Episode Zero: Pacifista 

Attack the marines with basic combos to full up your meter while avoiding Pacifista's laser attack. When your meter is full, attack Pacifista with Gum Gum Elephant Gun for huge damage. Pacifista is vulnerable after his laser attack—that's when you want to hit him!

Episode One: Buggy

Use Gum Gum Balloon to reflect the cannonballs shot at you, but take out any pirates that appear first to make this easier. Hit Buggy with a reflected cannonball to do big damage and make him fall down to you. A "shock mark" will appear on Buggy's head when he throws knives. Attack him immediately to clown the fool!

Episode Two: Don Krieg

Don Krieg attacks with various weapons, so be sure to adjust how you attack accordingly. When he uses a spear, try to attack Krieg just after he swings it. Pirates will appear when Krieg's health is lowered to the second bar, and he will begin using gun attacks. Attack the pirates to build up your special attack gauge, then attack Krieg with special moves. Krieg will use poison gas attacks when his health is lowered to one bar. Be sure to stay clear of the gas!

Episode Three: Hatchan and Arlong

When Hatchan charges forward, dodge to the side and get behind him to attack. A "shock mark" will appear when Hatchan uses certain attacks. Time your attacks accordingly to take advantage. When Arlong has two remaining bars of health, he will begin attacking with a large sword. Pay attention to his movements and avoid his sword attacks. Wait for the "shock mark" to appear above his head, then filet this Fish-Man!

Episode Five: Wapol


Battle One: Wapol will dive under the ground, but he is vulnurable when he rises back up. Aim to attack him when the "shock mark" appears.

Battle Two: You will change to controlling Chopper when Wapol has two life bars left. Focus on taking out Wapol's subordinates to build your special move gauge. When the subordinates are taken out, Wapol will come down from the balcony. Attack him with special moves for big damage. Use "Guard Point" to reflect bazooka fire back at his subordinates.

Battle Three: When Wapol has one bar of life remaining, control will return to Luffy. Wapol will chase you around the arena. Lead him into objects so that he eats them. This will actually cause him to power up. However, after he eats too much, he will collapse from overeating. He is vulnerable at this time. Use this chance to dispose of this hungry despot!

These are just a few of the bosses in the game! Hopefully, these hints will get you on your way to becoming the king of pirates!

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