Rin Okumura is the son of Satan, king of the demon realm of Gehenna. Raised as a human with his demonic powers locked away by a magic sword, Rin had no idea of his heritage until Satan himself came to collect his son, killing Rin’s foster father, Father Fujimoto, and almost dragging Rin down to Gehenna. Now Rin studies at True Cross Academy with hopes of becoming the strongest Exorcist in history. That is if the Knights of the True Cross don’t kill him first for the danger he presents to the world.

To this end, in the previous volume, the Knights of the True Cross ordered Rin's execution! But when the traitorous Mr. Todo awakens the Impure King, Rin’s power, the Blue Flame, is the only hope of defeating the ancient rot demon and saving Kyoto!

Having been sealed within the mountain for over 140 years, the Impure King has awakened and threatens to consume all of Kyoto in a poisonous cloud of death if the Exorcists cannot prevent its spore sac at the center of its fortress from bursting! Rin, Ryuji and Kuro plunge headlong into the heart of the Impure King’s living fortress.

Meanwhile the Tokyo Exorcists, Shura Kirigakure, and the Myodha monks—armed with flaming staffs of Ucchusma’s Fire, flamethrowers and summoned salamanders—besiege the fortress from the outside.

In the forest surrounding the mountain, Rin’s classmates and brother Yukio battle demons of their own. While Yukio is locked in a duel to the death with the now immortal Mr. Todo, who has consumed the power of the phoenix, Renzo and Shiemi must conquer their fear and self doubt in order to save their friends from certain death!

Rin too, though he charges toward the enemy, battles his own self doubt that prevent him from drawing forth his magic sword and unleashing his flame.

Can Kyoto be saved before the poisonous cloud is released? How many times can Yukio kill Todo before himself succumbing to Todo’s power? Without the might of the Blue Flame, can anyone survive this battle at all? Find out in Blue Exorcist volume 8, on sale November 6!

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by Eric Rekow