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story by Tsugumi Ohba, art by Takeshi Obata

Eiji Nizuma announces that if he can top theWeekly Shonen Jump survey results for ten straight weeks, he will have one of the manga series in the magazine canceled. But which series does Eiji want to cancel? And what will Ashirogi and the other manga creators do to stop him?!

Volume 16 is in stores now!

by Tite Kubo

After a long drawn-out battle, Ichigo Kurosaki loses his Soul Reaper powers and is now living a quiet and peaceful life. But when a mysterious man named Kugo Ginjo approaches him, Ichigo might have a chance to regain his powers. But what are the enigmatic Ginjo’s true motives…?

Volume 50 is in stores now!

by Tite Kubo

Knowing Shukuro Tsukishima is after Ichigo Kurosaki, Kugo Ginjo continues Ichigo's Fullbring training at a secret location. Ichigo is mastering Fullbring at an incredible speed and regaining his lost Soul Reaer powers, but is he ready to face the dangerous Tsukishima just yet…?

Volume 51 is in stores now!

by Kazue Kato

The Impure King threatens to engulf Kyoto. As the Exorcists of the Tokyo Branch and the monks of the Myodha temple do all they can to contain the demon, Rin and friends find themselves facing their own battles. While Rin and Ryuji confront the full might of the Impure King, Yukio takes on the traitorous Todo!

Volume 8 is in stores now!

by Norihiro Yagi

A battle begins between rebel Claymores and the Organization that created them. When the seven notorious rebel fighters are joined by an army of newly minted soldiers loyal to rebel leader Miria, it seems their victory is a foregone conclusion. But the Organization releases its newest secret weapon: reanimated Claymores from the past.

Volume 21 is in stores now!

by Masashi Kishimoto

As powerful as they are, Naruto and his friends, including all five village Kage, can’t seem to gain ground over Kabuto’s army of undead ninja. And now, the biggest surprise resurrection of all raises a question they all thought had already been answered: just who is Madara and what does he really want?!

Volume 59 is in stores now!

by Eiichiro Oda

The Straw Hats are the only ones standing in the way of the New Fish-Man pirates taking complete control over Fish-Man Island. And when Hody puts his diabolical plan into action, only Luffy can stop him. Luffy is now much more powerful, but can he defeat a Fish-Man at the bottom of the ocean?!

Volume 65 is in stores now!

by Toshiaki Iwashiro

Ageha and friends discover that their actions in the present may be altering the outcome of the future. Now everything they know—and everyone they love—is in danger, including their mentor Elmore Tenjuin. But their attempt to save their beloved Elmore is interrupted…by a sudden, jolting return to the Psyren world!

Volume 7 is in stores now!

by Akihisa Ikeda

Average human teenage boy Tsukune accidentally enrolls at a boarding school for monsters. No, not jocks and popular kids, but bona fide werewolves, witches, and unnameables out of his wildest nightmares! Now Tsukune and friends are out to rescue a kidnapped Moka from the sinister organization Fairy Tale.

Volume 10 is in stores now!

by Hiroyuki Asada

Largo Lloyd, ousted director of the Beehive, saves the life of a Marauder—and, in return, demands to be taken to the leader of Reverse. Will the Letter Bees finally penetrate to the heart of the rebel organization? Meanwhile, with his hero Gauche returning home at last, things are looking up for Lag…until he discovers the shocking truth about Gauche!

Volume 11 is in stores now!

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Submitted by Lizzy on Thu, 11/08/2012 - 06:56

Oh! More great manga out in stores awesome! I love the artwork on Naruto vol. 59 it looks so cool!!

Submitted by Samyueru on Thu, 11/08/2012 - 15:15

can't argue with ya there. can't wait for more epic manga.