VIDEO GAME: Assassin's Creed III


Know this: Assassin’s Creed III is huge. From sailing the high seas to watching the first shots fired in the American Revolution to a storyline that continues into the present day, it covers a lot of territory. It makes the earlier games in the series feel small by comparison, which is saying a lot.


The open-world renditions of colonial Boston and New York are amazingly authentic and separated by vast, explorable wilderness. The game’s frontier missions involve taking down enemy forts, exploring hidden caves, and yes, hunting animals, among other things. There’s dynamic weather, and the passage from summer to winter and back again as you play is something special indeed.

Combat and free-running have improved since past versions. Simpler controls and touches like tree-to-tree navigation mix things up nicely, while a host of new offensive moves (and some pretty badass battle animations) make the combat feel fresh. The sea battles are incredibly intense, sport some amazing-looking high seas, and provide some impressive set-pieces.

Multiplayer is back—and better than ever, with some cool new Domination and Wolfpack modes. A gaming revolution? Not quite. But best game in the series? Heck yeah.


Hint: Assassin's Creed III shipped with whole gang of bugs, so make sure to download the patch before diving in.

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by Devon Santos


Submitted by kyle20manga on Wed, 12/12/2012 - 15:40

I have played all of the AsassinsCreeds on the Playstation3 and at first i was mad them because they didn't stick with the old formula of being in a different country and playing ezio or altair;but than i realized that they had to come up wiht a new storyline because if you have played and beaten AsassinsCreed Revolations you will understand what i am talking about.I liked the AsassinsCreed trilogy very much;because it went to a different area besides America and it let's you read and discover through past and present time in the animus.its a very good game;i hope it surpasses the previous title;like all the others.

Submitted by BreathoftheWater on Wed, 12/12/2012 - 22:44

Assassin's Creed III was a great game. Definitely the best AC yet. The gameplay felt much more innovative from the last few games with enhanced combat, AI intelligence, platforming mechanics, etc. Connor's story was also incredibly compelling and rivals that of Ezio's story in terms of how compelling it was. However, the ending of the game (in Desmond's perspective that is), was awful. Ubisoft once again made a brilliant game with a confusing and mind-numbingly stupid ending that trolled the entire fanbase and didn't resolve the plot whatsoever. I'm not gonna spoil anything. Just brace yourself for a disappointing ending. Nothing Mass Effect 3 level stupid, but pretty stupid.