PREVIEW: Tegami Bachi vol.12


Amberground is a land of eternal night, where the hope that warms the people’s hearts are delivered in the form of letters by the courageous couriers of the Amberground National Postal Service—better known as Letter Bees.

Lag Seeing, a twelve-year-old prodigy of a Letter Bee has completed his quest to recover his hero and childhood friend and mentor, former Letter Bee Gauche Suede, from the terrorist organization, Reverse. However, all is not well in Amberground, with the mysteries surrounding the mysterious goings-on in the unreachable capital of Amberground, the replacement of the Bee Hive’s director, and the looming threat of the monstrous gaichuu, Cabernet, the other Bees battle in the land of eternal night to save the artificial sun from being snuffed out!

What is more, Lag has seen Gauche’s full heart, including his memories of Gauche’s other self, the Marauder known as Noir, and has learned that not all is as it seems.

In this volume, we are introduced to a lot of new Letter Bees, and it becomes apparent that the Bees we have been introduced to so far (Lag, Connor, Jiggy Pepper, Moc and Zazie) are only the top performing Bees of the Hive, and are regarded as legends in their own right by the other Bees. Lag, in particular, learns that he has become an overnight legend amongst the members of the Postal Service and is called “The Child of Light” by his peers.

There’s a lot going on in this volume, as always, and the introduction to a larger organization really makes the Bee Hive feel like a national service, and a return of Connor to the main story line is always a treat! What’s more, Zazie finally meets his hero Jiggy Pepper, and the plot thickens as former Bee Hive Director, Largo Lloyd, seeks out the leader of Reverse, Lawrence, directly.

The struggle for the future of Amberground is really coming to a head in this issue, and the battle to intercept Cabernet brings the Bee Hive to an all-out effort to save the capital. This is an incredible volume, one not to be missed!

Find out who saves the day by ordering your own copy of Tegami Bachi, vol. 12! Available February 5th!

by Eric Rekow