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by Tite Kubo

The peace is suddenly broken when warning sirens blare through the Soul Society. Residents there are disappearing without a trace, and nobody in the Soul Society knows who’s behind it. Meanwhile, a dark shadow is also extending itself toward Deputy Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends in Karakura Town…

Volume 55 available Feb. 4th!

BLEACH 3-in-1 v.4
by Tite Kubo

Ichigo and crew are determined to rescue Rukia, and with the help of explosives expert Kûkaku, they actually have a chance. But the plan hinges on Ichigo getting control of his torrential spiritual energy, but there’s no time to waste! And even if they can breach the Soul Society’s defenses, awaiting them are twelve companies of Soul Reapers!

Volume 4 available Feb. 4th!

by Masashi Kishimoto

Now aligned with the tailed beasts and his fellow jinchûriki hosts more than ever, Naruto impresses the Allied Shinobi Forces with his newfound strength. But his comrades are not going to leave this battle with Tobi up to Naruto alone. As they rush to assist their friend, Sasuke returns. And this time, he’s intent on taking out Naruto once and for all.

Volume 60 available Feb. 4th!

NARUTO 3-in-1 v.4
by Masashi Kishimoto

With only a few matches left to be fought in the preliminaries to the third portion of the Chûnin Ninja Selection Exams, the bout between Gaara and Rock Lee begins. And in preparation for the finals, Naruto struggles to harness the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox chakra locked within him. Too bad his first opponent is considered a genius!

Volume 4 available Feb. 4th!

by Hiroshi Shiibashi

Rikuo trains for a rematch against the yokai Tsuchigumo, who has his friend Yuki-Onna in his clutches. To help him, Gyuki orders Rikuo to attain a technique worthy of the Lord of a Hundred Demons in just three days. But time is running out and Rikuo hasn’t gained anything but bumps and bruises. Will he be able to save Yuki-Onna?

Volume 13 available Feb. 4th!

ONE PIECE 3-in-1 v.5
by Eiichiro Oda

To rescue Princess Vivi from Baroque Works, Luffy and his Straw Hat crew land on a set of islands populated by oversized flora and fauna. It’s the scene of a larger-than-life battle in which giants, pirates, dinosaurs and strange birds duke it out in the name of honor, friendship and dynamite-spiked beverages.

Volume 5 available Feb. 4th!

by Takehiko Inoue

With a slight lead thanks to Mitsui's shooting, Shohoku has their hands full as the game against Sanno heats up. What Sanno thought would be an easy win for them is turning out to be a lot more than they bargained for—a determined Shohoku squad’s here and they mean to go all the way to the top!

Volume 26 available Feb. 4th!

by Hiroyuki Asada

As the ferocious Gaichuu Cabernet closes in on Amberground, the Letter Bees form an army to stop it. Lag is paired off with a novice Bee who tells him that he’s now a legend in the Beehive. But Lag’s reputation as the “Child of Light” won’t help him against Cabernet…or the dark secret he’s discovered about his hero, Gauche Suede.

Volume 12 available Feb. 4th!

by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

In order to convince the world’s best cutler, Melk, to fix his partner Komatsu’s broken kitchen knife, Toriko plans to get him a superior whetstone that lies within the deepest cave in the world, guarded by terrifying subterranean creatures. But Melk’s hiding something big from Toriko…

Volume 14 available Feb. 4th!

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Submitted by jkphantom on Wed, 02/06/2013 - 10:47

As soon as I get an iTunes gift card, I'll buy Naruto volume 60 on my iPod! =^_^=

Submitted by Shonenjump86 on Wed, 02/06/2013 - 14:52

I always look forward when the new volume of Slam Dunk comes out. I will be picking up Bleach, Naruto, and Toriko as well.

Submitted by Lizzy on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 08:15

So cool a new volume of Naruto yahoo can't wait to go buy it! Love the Naruto manga alot!