MANGA: NURA vol. 7 Preview

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan by Hiroshi Shiibashi

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan is a tale about Rikuo Nura, an unassuming normal human boy that even a muscle-challenged editor like myself can push around...that is until night descends and transforms him into the overlord of darkness! Though Rikuo is the young heir of the legendary Nura clan, a collective of infamous yokai, supernatural creatures that haunt the night and gather strength by collecting “fear,” he’s far from your typical yokai since he has both human and yokai blood.

This manga series has all the things that make SHONEN JUMP manga so great—from the fierce against-all-odds showdowns to the friendships forged through hardships. But what really makes Nura stand out from the rest of the pack is the wealth of supernatural tales at its disposal to draw on, from the legendary kappa who swims in a pond in Nura’s yard, to the crow tengu that flitter about in the night. Anyone with a soft spot for the supernatural MUST check this series out.

In volume seven, a fresh layer of intrigue is introduced with the appearance of new onmyoji characters. Now, not only does Nura have competing yokai factions to contend with, he must also deal with the very humans he tries so hard to protect. And to make matters even more complicated, we find out that one of the onmyoji is actually Nura’s classmate’s brother!

When a long story arc ends, I usually expect some filler chapters to tide me over until the next new big arc commences. However, Nura (and the readers) don’t get a chance to rest as he quickly engages in battle against the trespassing onmyoji. Plus word reaches them of trouble brewing in Kyoto, the hometown of Yura Keikain, a skilled onmyoji and friend of Nura.

What’ll happen to Nura and Yura’s relationship, now that she’s learned of his true identity? And are the visiting onmyoji Nura’s enemies or friends? Find out in Nura: rise of the Yokai Clan vol. 7, in stores February 7th!

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