Dissapointing Shonen Jump Magazine

Submitted by dUsTeAtEr on Sat, 02/04/2012 - 20:16

With only one issue to go, I couldn't help but wonder how awesome Shonen Jump magazine could have been if only more series were added. The final issue will be gigantic, with 8 series. But what if series like Toriko and Nura were added to the magazine in the first place? I personally was not planning to re-subscribe after my subscription would have ended due to the pitifully low recent page counts. I wouldn't even mind being behind Japan if the magazine had tons of manga in it. It's an easy way to advertise series that aren't selling very well - simply serializing it in the magazine. I have heard that Toriko hasn't been selling very well. I sure hope it isn't cancelled in the future.

In the recent issue (2nd to last issue) there was a "Blue Exorcist Feature." It was pretty sad to see not even a single chapter of its manga in the magazine. At least we'll be getting volume releases for most series closer to the Japanese releases from now on (but we still need faster Claymore/Ultimo releases).

What dissaponted you the most about the magazine?


Submitted by restonsurfer@msn.com on Sat, 02/04/2012 - 20:30

Viz really relied on only the flagship series. There are so many JUMP series that are currently in production, they could have at least changed the order of the series. I mean would it have been so hard to have different series be printed time from time? Not only that, but they even cancelled several series before they were even finished, and even some that are ongoing, like Strawberry 100% and REBORN!. And it's not just that, there are still several series that started in Japan that haven't even been introduced in the US yet that are currently over 100 chapters!

Submitted by themistern on Sat, 02/04/2012 - 23:02

I have mixed feelings about flagships.

That's my one big criticism with the magazine. During it's run, there was a healthy amount of manga in the print edition of Jump and the manga selection and articles were quite diverse too. The page count was hefty as a result. I read every comic and enjoyed them all equally (although my favorites eventually became Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece & Shaman King). Eventually, the flagships (namely Naruto and Bleach) got a lot more popular due to anime and in turn they were catered to the fans. Before that, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Dragon Ball Z mostly got the cover due to their anime tie-ins (and free cards) because, hey, it's popular. Sadly, this meant the less profitable series got swept under. With less series to run, the magazine becomes thinner. In a way, any of us (fans or publishers) are to blame if we didn't care to explore (read or publish) other series past the "popular" series, i.e. flagships.

I do hope that less time is spent on the flagships and more time on trying to expose the flagship readers to the other series in Alpha, like Toriko and Nura. But as I see now and then, if it doesn't have an anime on TV, it will be largely ignored. ):

Also, Claymore and Ultimo are both monthly series running in Jump SQ, so it's natural for them to take longer to publish than the weekly series. :P