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Monkey D. Luffy is off an adventure of a lifetime! Determined to rule the seas, Luffy sets out to find the elusive treasure known as the "One Piece." Said to be the greatest treasure in the world, he and his motley crew will have to traverse the dangerous seas and fight against powerful, ruthless enemies.

After journeying halfway across the world, Luffy and friends realize that they're not quite strong enough to tackle the perilous waters of the New World. They then take a two-year training hiatus and reconvene, stronger and better than ever! Now that they've reached the New World, they're up against things they've never seen before. Their first stop—Punk Hazard, a mysterious island with a schizophrenic climate and inhabited by strange creatures.

Strangers in a Strange Land

Luffy and the Straw Hats find themselves in Punk Hazard after they accidentally receive a mysterious distress call from a samurai. Determined to find out what's going on, Luffy and half the crew disembark. Once on the island, they find all manners of strange creatures, from fire-breathing dragons to a pair of legs without its upper torso! Ever the goofball, Luffy decides to try on a new pair of legs...

While Luffy and half of the crew are out exploring the terrain of Punk Hazard, the other half stays behind to guard the ship. However, the crew on the ship is attacked with sleeping gas and awake to find themselves captured! Inside their holding cell, they find a samurai whose head is detached and in pieces. In one of the more comical scenes of this volume, the crew sets about trying to piece his head together and comes up with some crazy combinations.

Not content to sit still inside a prison, they somehow manage to escape. On their way out, they run into a group of oversized children who are also held captive at Punk Hazard. The captive kids then ask for help from the Straw Hats, who decide not to leave them behind.

While all this is going on, other major figures from the Straw Hats' past adventures also find themselves at Punk Hazard. Trafalgar Law is now a Warlord of the Sea and has made himself at home at Punk Hazard. And to complicate matters further, Smoker from the Navy is also snooping around... 

Why are Trafalgar Law and Smoker there? Will Luffy ever reunite with the rest of his crew? Find out in the latest volume of One Piece!

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