REVIEW: This Week's Issue!


art by Kazue Kato
It's summer! And what does summer mean in Japan...a whole bunch of festivals! Plenty of festival goers in Japan wear traditional clothes, and this week's issue has Rin on the cover wearing a beautifully rendered kimono. During a past podcast, we talked about which series had the best art, and though my memory's a bit fuzzy, it would be a crime to not include Kazue Kato Sensei on that list. Kato Sensei skillfully uses clean simple lines to draw intricately detailed designs. Just check out the design pattern on Rin's clothes!

Blue Exorcist
by Kazue Kato
The True Cross Academy Festival begins! Since Rin's struck out on asking Shiemi to accompany him, he's now focused all his energy on...making rice balls! Everything seems to be going swimmingly so far with regards to the Festival, but is that a good thing?!

One Piece
by Eiichiro Oda
Don Quixote Doflamingo's pulled a fast one on Trafalgar Law, Luffy and the Straw Hats! He hasn't really given up his status as a warlord of the sea, and he's set a devious trap for our heroes. And to make matters worse, an incredibly powerful Naval admiral shows up as well...

by Naoshi Komi
Uh-oh! Raku's in trouble again... Raku's misfortunes continues, and this time around, in a public bath! While the plumbing at his place is currently being fixed, he decides to go to the local public bath. Unexpectedly, he meets a few of his schoolmates there as well and the hilarity ensues! Oh, and there's a great color intro page to the chapter, featuring Kosaki and her younger sister Haru!

by Masashi Kishimoto
The war is getting bonkers! Well, every war is bonkers, but this one in particular is crazy bonkers! The resurrected Hokage are taking on the resurrected Madara, Kakashi's locked in a life-or-death struggle with Obito, and the rest of the Allied Army's taking on Ten Tails! All this, plus not to mention the fact that Madara's ready to rejoin the world of the living via a forbidden jutsu! Phew!

by Tite Kubo
Ywach has spoken! His successor to the Vandenreich throne is none other than...Uryu! But why is Uryu named his successor? And does he really mean to betray Ichigo and his friends? This baffling decision is not just puzzling to readers, but to the members of the Vandenreich themselves. Here's to hoping there's an epic Uryu vs. Ichigo battle in the works!

by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
The epic struggle between Toriko and Starjun's nearing its conclusion. Both combatants have taken each other's best blows, but there can only be one victor. Toriko seems to be down and out for the count, but the beast within him refuses to lose. While the two fight to the death, a mysterious figure enters the scene. Who is it? And how will this affect the culinary battles taking place?!

World Trigger
by Daisuke Ashihara
Yuma's having a pretty bad day. His whole reason for living is now gone, and he's not sure what to do with himself anymore. However, the quick-thinking Osamu, along with some help from Jin and Chika, give him a pretty compelling reason to stay and a newfound purpose in life. What can it possibly be?!

Cross Manage
by Kaito
You'll have to excuse me for a second... I think I have something in my eye... Seeing Misora take the field again and watching her presence lift her teammates' spirits, that's what a great sports manga should be all about! Even though the team is glad to have her on the field again, they've sunken into a deeper deficit while she was being treated. Undaunted, Misora still plans to win, but can they really pull off the upset? 

One-Punch Man
story by ONE, art by Yusuke Murata
City Z is in a state of alert with a threat level of Dragon in effect. A giant meteor is heading straight to Saitama's hometown, and the citizens are all in an uproar. Because he's high up on the heroes ranking, Genos is called in to do something about it. But what can one lone cyborg do in the face of this unreal calamity?!

Dragon Ball
by Akira Toriyama
Goku's friends are all trying to keep the Saiyans occupied while Goku makes his way back from the underworld. Though Yamcha's already bitten the dust, Kuririn steps up to the plate to show off the fruits of his yearlong training. But was that enough to take on the Saiyans' unreal strength and battle experience?

Extras: Internationl news, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG tournament news, Author Comments.

by John Bae


Submitted by blueninja777 on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 10:57

Nice issue, I can't wait for next week for 45 years of Shonen Jump.

Submitted by yafada on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 11:32

I liked the issue. I read most of the different series that are in here now.

Btw, is it just me or has the podcast been coming out later? I swear that up until last week, it came out within an hour of Jump. You guys must be busy.

Submitted by John Bae on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 11:47

There really isn't any set time when this goes live, with the exception of the day (it's always Monday). The one for today should be ready by early afternoon PST.
Submitted by yafada on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 11:54

Ahhh, I see. Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to hearing from Mr. Sasaki in the episode.

Submitted by WesKR on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 14:33

I wish Blue Exorcist was a weekly series.. It's always a good read but I lose interest with it each month due to the long wait..

Submitted by mdoorpsy on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 17:57

Anybody know why all my WSJ issues are left to right now? Haven't done anything in settings and was just wondering if it was part of some update.

Submitted by John Bae on Tue, 07/09/2013 - 09:51

Not sure what's going on. It should be right-to-left. Write to us at
Submitted by chocolatecm on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 18:15

I saw a gif online of that one scene with Genos! It was awesome. By the way, is it legal to make gifs from the manga if you purchase it?