Cross Manage Awards!

Cross Manage is an inspiring lacrosse manga that has worked its way into the hearts of the SJ staff, and many fans. It's the story of a young man looking for his place in the world and the unlikely lacrosse team that helps him find it. The manga is filled with memorable characters that give their all to turn a hopeless team into something real. The result is a remarkable journey filled with drama both on and off the field. 

Its recently finished its run in the magazine, and so let’s honor the inspiring characters of the manga with some end-of-the-season awards! 

Best Team – Choran Lacrosse Team

Top dog team led by the indomitable Namine Chihara, Choran wowed with expert lacrosse moves. Fujioka had more guts, but Choran undeniably had more skill. Or, as Sakurai thought the first time he saw them, “This is lacrosse.” Congrats to Choran, and here’s another award to add to their many.

Most Improved – Fujioka Lacrosse Team

When they started, Fujioka’s lacrosse team didn’t even have enough players, let alone aspirations of playing real games. But by the end of the season, they’d transformed through Misora’s encouragement, Sakurai’s tough practices, and a never-give-up attitude into a real rival to Choran, the league’s best team! Every single member of the team improved, sometimes dramatically. If we mentioned all the ways, we’d be telling the whole story over!

Spirit Award – Misora

Here is a player who embodies positive thinking! Even though she stinks at lacrosse, Misora never stays down for long, even when things get really tough. She is the captain of the team in no small part to her enthusiasm (definitely not her skill!). Her beaming smile is a beacon of inspiration to her teammates and Sakurai.

Best Manager – Sakurai

Well, he’s about the only manager other than his mentor Chiumi, but that doesn’t mean he wins the award by default! Clever strategies like the Spear and Shield, tireless research on his opponents, even buying and fixing equipment for the team – Sakurai always goes above and beyond. Congrats on a job well done, Sakurai! Now maybe think about relaxing on a date sometime…

#1 Fan – Ryu

No one’s a bigger fan of Misora than Ryu. While he can be a little creepy and possessive of his angelic “little sister,” he’s cheering at every game. Honorable Mention: Nachi’s loud-mouthed brothers.

Best Athlete – Nachi

No question, Nachi is the athletic heart of the Fuijoka lacrosse team. The only one with enough physical power for the “laser beam” pass, as a midfielder, Nachi’s endurance is also crucial. Without a powerful player like Nachi, Sakurai’s strategies couldn’t be carried out.

MVP – Shinobu Komatsu

Fujioka’s ditsiest player is also its most reliable one. Though sometimes it seems like she can barely string a sentence together off the field, Komatsu makes some impressive saves in the goal box. When defense fails, Komatsu saves the day!

Student Athlete – Yurika

A well-rounded player, Yurika’s smarts allow her to catch on to new techniques quicker than the other girls. But her fear of attempting anything she doesn’t think she can master right away holds her back. She’s also got a bit of an overactive imagination, which leads to her think Sakurai’s hitting on her…

Honorable Mention #1: Biggest Flirt – Aya

No contest here—the biggest flirt on Fujioka’s lacrosse team is Aya! Teasing is a sport for her, and she’s a pro, always managing to fluster Sakurai with innuendo or draping herself over him. Of all the awards, she wins hers by the largest margin.

Honorable Mention #2: Best Comedy Duo – Seki & Wakamoto


Every good lacrosse team needs…a comedy duo? Happy-go-lucky Seki and straight-man Wakamoto are Sakurai’s friends who support him being manager. Seki’s antics tend to earn deadpan responses from Wakamoto. Between the two of them, they keep Sakurai and the team’s spirits up, and help remind him that it’s all about having fun.

That’s all for the awards!

Cross Manage digital volume 01 is availavble from!

by Hope Donovan


Submitted by WesKR on Thu, 07/25/2013 - 23:08

Still waiting for volume 2, then I can read the whole series to see what all the fuss is about.

Submitted by Shonenjump86 on Fri, 07/26/2013 - 05:52

I wish this manga kept going a little longer. I'll get the volumes, hope there will be print. Now, how about bringing back Gintama to replace Cross Manage? I have all 23 volumes released here and I would love to read it in Shonen Jump. :)

Submitted by TristsAntithesis on Fri, 07/26/2013 - 11:40

Ill miss Seki and Wakamoto!!!!!

Submitted by gsquidman on Fri, 07/26/2013 - 14:46

I wasn't sure at first, thought this would just be another drama manga like Nisekoi but it's fast become one of my absolute favorites. It's great! If it's over, I'll look forward to more work by this artist and I hope it will be featured in Jump

Submitted by Primalx3 on Sat, 07/27/2013 - 06:12

Great article! I'm gonna miss Cross Manage. I look forward to the bonus chapter this fall.

And I highly curious about what Kaito's next series or one-shot will be after this.

Something I always wanted to know though is how was this art developed and what could have influenced such incredible character designs? Perhaps it's a trade secret? Either way, this series was downright awesome!

Submitted by Cisco9630 on Sat, 07/27/2013 - 20:52

It was an honor to follow Cross manage from start to finish. I loved this series so much and i wish it could kept going. Cross manage taught me what lacrosse is and made me interested in watching it. I have literally done some research on lacrosse for an art project and i included information on Cross Manage in it.
MAN IM GOING TO MISS THIS SERIES!!! I have to start buying the graphic novels now.

I can't wait for KAITO's next project! Maybe it can be about an archery team ^_^ lol