EVENT: SDCC Fan Meet-Up!


We had a SJ Fan Meet-Up at San Diego Comic-Con, and it was a hoot! We gave out free SJ-themed drinks, printed up custom T-shirts, and had a blast hanging out with the fans. Here are some of the highlights! 

Our next con appearance will be at the Japan Expo! August 23–25 in Santa Clara, CA. See you there!


Submitted by jkphantom on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 16:44

Is this a typo??? O_O

Submitted by urian brown on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 16:54

I was accidentally looking at the webpage for the one in France. Still doesn't explain why I didn't notice those dates had passed. @_@;

Submitted by jkphantom on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 17:24

Okay, thanks for clarifying! ^_^

Submitted by emperorosiris on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 22:41

so one of mi friends subscribe on the shonen jump alpha in comicon, they told him after comicon he was gonna receive the e-mail clarification, he hasn't receive it yet, any help please

Submitted by blueninja777 on Wed, 08/14/2013 - 10:18

That looked like a fun convention. I wish I was there to try out those soda drinks. My favorite part of the video was the One Punch Man moments, punch clashes with punch.