CARDS: Coaching Tips


Rank 8 Xyz Monsters are usually pretty tough to Summon, but they also have really powerful effects. Coach King Giantrainer from Number Hunters is one of these monsters, with an effect that lets you draw three cards and deal some damage too! Normally, Giantrainer would be hard to Xyz Summon, but with the elite coaching staff from Judgment of the Light, it’s easy!

Judgment of the Light features two new monsters that are great for Xyz Summoning Coach King Giantrainer. The first is Coach Soldier Wolfbark. Wolfbark lets you Special Summon a Level 4 FIRE Beast-Warrior from your Graveyard once per turn. You can’t use that monster’s effects, but you can use it for an Xyz Summon! This card works amazingly with Fire Fists, allowing you to Special Summon Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear from your Graveyard and then Xyz Summon Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Tiger King right away! Since Wolfbark is a Beast-Warrior too, it can Summon another copy of itself from the Graveyard. Plus it works with all of your Fire Formations!

The second monster that you need to Summon Giantrainer is Coach Captain Bearman. It’s a Level 8 monster that you can Normal Summon without Tribute, and it can change the Levels of all of your Level 4 Beast-Warriors to Level 8 monsters! Combined with Coach Soldier Wolfbark, you can easily set up a Xyz Summon for Giantrainer! Fire Formation – Tensu makes the combo even easier, giving you an extra Normal Summon to use on any Beast-Warrior. This allows you to Summon Wolfbark and Summon a monster from your Graveyard, then Normal Summon Bearman and Xyz Summon Coach King Giantrainer!

Coach King Giantrainer has 2800 ATK, so it’ll be tough for your opponent to take it down in battle. In addition, you can use its effect three times during a turn. Giantrainer lets you detach one Xyz Material from it and draw one card, which you must reveal. If it’s a monster, your opponent takes 800 damage as well! You can’t enter your Battle Phase during the turn you use the effect, but the ability to draw three cards and have a powerful monster in play makes up for that. Once you’ve used its effect, you can even use Rank-Up Magic Barian’s Force on Giantrainer, turning it into CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer!

CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer has 3800 ATK and cannot be targeted by card effects. This means that cards like Number 11: Big Eye, Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, and Dimensional Prison can’t do anything to stop him, and it’s almost impossible to take him down in battle too! In addition, it has the same ability as Giantrainer, so you can detach your ranked-up Giantrainer to draw another card and deal 800 damage if it’s a monster.

Giantrainer and Ultimatrainer are extremely powerful Xyz Monsters, and with Wolfbark and Bearman to help Xyz Summon them, it’s a simple and effective combination. You can pick up Giantrainer and Ultimatrainer from Number Hunters, Rank-Up Magic Barian’s Force from Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, and Coach Soldier Wolfbark and Coach Captain Bearman from Judgment of the Light!


Submitted by Tea1Wheeler on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 14:58