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by Tite Kubo

The Soul Society is struggling against the mysterious group of warriors calling themselves the Vandenreich. However, the tide turns when Captain General Yamamoto joins the battle. With his Bankai finally revealed, Yamamoto takes down the Vandenreich’s king, Ywach. But is the battle really over…?

Volume 58 available October 1!

by Norihiro Yagi

Rebel warrior Miria penetrates the headquarters of the Organization and discovers the truth about Yoma. Meanwhile, Raki joins the Claymores on the battlefield and seems closer than ever to reuniting with Clare, his Claymore companion. Yet the cycle of violence cannot be stopped—an epic battle is brewing and Priscilla, a powerful force for evil, is back!

Volume 23 available October 1!

by Hiroshi Shiibashi

Caught in The Ripper's scissors hold, Rikuo Nura of the Nura clan faces off against this terrifying enemy whose Fear feeds on the pain of children. Speaking of eating, brother and sister team Ryuji and Yura travel to the worst tourist destination ever, the Village That Devours People!!

Volume 17 available October 1!

ONE PIECE 3-in-1 v.7
by Eiichiro Oda

Luffy and pals are headed for the Rainbase, the fabled city of dreams. While protecting Vivi, Luffy gets sidetracked by the devious Crocodile for some cozy one-on-one time! While Vivi makes her way to the palace of her birthright, Straw Hats navigator Nami is on her own in a throw-down battle with Ms. Doublefinger of the Baroque Works!

Volume 7 available October 1!

by Akihisa Ikeda

Test 12: When faced with the choice of letting your friends get eaten by a monster or turning into a monster yourself, do you a.) pass the ketchup, b.) embrace your inner ghoul, or c.) offer yourself as the appetizer? Let's hope average-human-turned-scary-ghoul Tsukune makes a wise decision!

Volume 12 available October 1!

by Takehiko Inoue

The second half is winding down, and Shohoku is working hard to surmount the seemingly impossible lead Sannoh has over them. Rukawa has found something inside him and continues to evolve as a player, and Sakuragi is totally in his own zone. But will pushing themselves beyond their limits lead Shohoku to victory or ruin?

Volume 30 available October 1!

by MItsutoshi Shimabukuro

While Komatsu is on an intense fishing expedition with Toriko and Sunny, Gourmet Corp. is forcibly “recruiting” the world’s best chefs to join their nefarious organization. On their list is Livebearer, the crooked chef of Gourmet Casino and keeper of the next food on Toriko’s training list! Can Toriko and his friends survive in the jungle of corruption and crime known as Gourmet Casino?

Volume 18 available October 1!

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Submitted by yafada on Wed, 10/02/2013 - 13:21

Bought Bleach 58 from Amazon, got Rosario 12 digitally, and getting Magi volume 2 next week digitally.