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art by Yamato Yamamoto
Don't recognize those faces? That's because they're from a brand-new manga starting in the magazine this week! Introducing Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign! And as you can tell by this cover, you are in for some most excellent art! In some manga, the art can be a little rough in the early chapters, but usually improves dramatically as the series goes on. But this art is already amazing! Nice clean lines, slick layouts, great character designs, and highly polished overall. 

Seraph the End: Vampire Reign
story by Takaya Kagami, art by Yamato Yamamoto, storyboards by Daisuke Furuya
An unknown virus has wiped out most of mankind. Only children survive, but soon they are enslaved by vampires that keep them alive for food. Young Yuichiro Hyakuya has a big dream—he wants to get strong enough to fight back against the vampires! His best friend Mikaela Hyakuya thinks he's crazy and tries to tell him that it takes more than just strengh to beat vampires—it takes cunning. I wont go into the story more than that, so I don't give away any surprises, but I will tell you this—a lot happens in these first two chapters! It's not easy to set up a story this complicated without making it seemed forced, but the team does an excellent job of getting a lot of information across in a very natural way. And if you're wondering what a "seraph" is, the dictionary defines it as an "angel of the hightest rank." How does that figure into the story? Unclear at this point, but no doubt we'll find out as the story unfolds. Something I'm looking forward to! 

One Piece
by Eiichiro Oda
The Dressrosa saga continues! Zolo is closing in on Luffy's position in the coliseum. Sanji's trying to get to the rest of the Straw Hats. The bulk of the Straw Hat crew are grilling Giolla for information about Doflamingo. "Traffy" is trying to make his escape. And a bunch of other stuff! A lot is going on for just one chapter! 

by Masashi Kishimoto

The five kage are back on the scene and ready to fight! Seeing them back on the battlefield and the chakra injection from Naruto has got Allied Shinobi Forces rallied and ready for another round! But will it be enough?! 

by Tite Kubo
So far, the attempts by the Soul Reapers to fight without their bankai has had mixed results. While it looked like their "bankai-less" training was paying off, the Quincies turned out to be a lot tougher than expected. And as they continue their attack on the Soul Society, it's looking more and more grim. And Ichigo's still not on the scene! Is there anyone else who can save the day? If you guessed Kon...(you're wrong.)

by Naoshi Komi
Onodera gets the shock of her life when she steps on the scale and it says, "OUCH!" How in the heck did she gain so much weight in so little time? Making matters worse, she's got swimming class and doesn't want to be seen in a bathing suit. Making matters worse, she can't swim! Life is not easy for Onodera these days!

by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

The flashback of Midora's youth continues! Although he had a cruel, hunger-filled childhood, Midora finds nothing but love in his newfound family headed by the nurturing Acacia. Despite the warm environment, he still can't shake the pain of his early youth. Will he overcome his demons, or become one? Well, I guess he becomes one since this is the flashback, but we've yet to see exactly how! 

One-Punch Man
story by ONE, art by Yusuke Murata

Now that the Deep-Sea King's down, Saitama can get back to more important things like improving his rank in the Hero Association! He also gets some time to open his fan mail. Does he actually have any fans? Find out in one of the most touching chapters of One-Punch Man, yet! 


World Trigger
by Daisuke Ashihara

It's Enlistment Day at Border! Yuma and friends have made it through the initial training and are now onto the next stage, mastering their Triggers to get promoted to higher ranked agents. To do that, they'll have to battle each other and training simulations! Who will move up the fastest?!

Blue Exorcist 
by Kazue Kato
Izumo's been kidnapped by the Illuminati! But her friends at the True Cross Academy aren't leaving her to her own fate, they launch a rescue mission. The first obstacle they must overcome...their fear of flying in airplanes! Meanwhile, Izumo awakens in her new surroundings and gets the shock of her life! What could possibly freak out a tough girl like Izumo so bad?

Dragon Ball
by Akira Toriyama

The fight we've all been waiting so long for is finally here! Goku versus Vegeta! If you have any interest in drawing manga, this is a good chapter to study. Fights are much harder to draw then they seem to the casual observer. You'd know this if you ever tried to draw one. And the fighting in this chapter is fast, bursting with energy and movement, but easy to follow. That is not easy to do!

Extras: Happy Birthday Naruto Page, Naruto Shippuden DVD SET 16 Feature, New York Comic-Con Plans, Author Comments. 

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by Urian Brown


Submitted by yafada on Mon, 10/07/2013 - 15:41

I'm not used to having such a large issue to read. It was good though. Blue Exorcist was just wow. Did not expect that ending.

One Punch Man is close to being caught up, so that means less of it pretty soon. Nooooooooo.

Thank you guys for starting Seraph from the very beginning. Regardless, I'm looking forward to buying the graphic novels because the story pulled me in.

Submitted by mdoorpsy on Mon, 10/07/2013 - 23:28

Huh. I gotta say, was not expecting for Seraph go into... well. You know. I mean, Naruto went all the way to Orochimaru before it actually introduced any characters that, um... like... to sink their fangs into children. Some manga are similar in the strangest ways.

Submitted by blueninja777 on Thu, 10/10/2013 - 10:06

Today is 10/10, October 10, which means today is Naruto's birthday! Believe it!