MANGA: Nisekoi Vol. 1


Love triangle! Comedic antics!! Gang warfare?! You won't want to miss out on Weekly Shonen Jump's laugh-out-loud feel-good manga series, Nisekoi!

Ahh... The smell of gunpowder in the morning. Probably not the typical way most Japanese high schoolers greet their day, but that's everyday life for our esteemed main character, Raku Ichijo. Growing up the only son of an infamous yakuza boss has its perks, but it's mostly an annoyance to Raku, who dreams of attending a prestigious university in order to become an upstanding civil servant. But before he can fully assimilate himself into normal society and devote himself in becoming a productive and respectable citizen, his journey is unexpectedly derailed by...a knee in the face!

Chitoge Kirisaki is anything but normal. She stands out with her half-American and half-Japanese looks, but all she wants is a normal life with normal friends. And just because you look a little different, it shouldn't be much of an issue once you get to know people, right? Only Chitoge's differences don't just end there. Her father's an American boss gang, and her over-the-top bodyguard Claude constantly monitors her every move. This time around though, she's starting fresh at a new school. Not wanting to mess up this golden chance, she wholeheartedly leaps into her new life, only to crash-land smack into an unsuspecting boy...

Sparks instantly fly when Raku and Chitoge first meet, but not the compatible kind that marks the start of a whirlwind romance. Instead it's the kind of sparks you get when you grind two incongruous surfaces together, or the kind you get when a flying knee meets a face. The two find themselves instantly bickering and vow to avoid the other like the plague. However,, rather their conniving fathers have a different plan for the at-odds couple...

The Shue-gumi yakuza faction and the Beehive gang are at war, and recently conflicts have escalated. It's gotten to the point where an all-out war might just break out between the two factions. Both leaders though come up with a simple and swift solution to this crisis, arrange for their kids to become a false couple! Imagine Raku's surprise when his arranged girlfriend turns out to be none other than Chitoge!

Nisekoi print volume 1 just came out in stores this past week! It's been a long time coming and I hope many more will soon follow! In the meantime, you can read the latest, most current chapters of Nisekoi every week inside Weekly Shonen Jump! Enjoy!

Did ya know? The Nisekoi anime started this past month. Watch the streaming episodes HERE!

by John Bae


Submitted by jkphantom on Tue, 01/14/2014 - 11:28

I find it funny how both the print manga and the anime simulcast both came around the same time. Not sure if it was coincidence, or if you guys did this on purpose.

Oh well, at least we can enjoy Nisekoi in both manga and anime experience! ^_^

Submitted by John Bae on Tue, 01/14/2014 - 11:30

Coincidence! The date for print was set before we even found out when the anime would begin.
Submitted by Shonenjump86 on Tue, 01/14/2014 - 18:58

Glad that Nisekoi is in print, I got it this Monday, just have not read it yet. Where is the Slam Dunk vol 31 review though? Did I miss that?