MANGA: Naruto Vol. 64


As the Ninja World Turns

The Fourth Great Ninja War. On one side, you have the entirety of the shinobi world's armed forces working together as a coalition. On the other, you have Uchiha Madara, a resurrected legendary ninja, and Uchiha Obito, a long-forgotten ninja who everyone thought valiantly sacrificed himself years ago in a previous war. From simple mathematics, the advantage favors the coalition, but nothing is that simple when it comes to dealing with Uchiha Madara.

Turn Tail

It would take an entire army just to confront Uchiha Madara at full strength, and he's not even the biggest concern facing the ninja world at the moment! Despite not being able to completely collect all the Tailed Beasts, Madara and Obito somehow resurrect the ultimate Tailed Beast, the one where all the others originated from...Ten Tails! 

However, the allied forces aren't giving up despite the seemingly insurmountable task before them. They still have the numbers advantage as well as two powerful Tailed Beasts—Eight Tails and Nine Tails!


It's a given that Uchiha Madara will be one incredibly arduous challenge, as well as Ten Tails, but what about Uchiha Obito? Back when he was a Konohagakure shinobi, he was more known for his tardiness and general incompetence. However, he still has the blood of the Uchiha clan running through him, so the potential was always there.

One thing he did possess as a young ninja was resolve and loyalty. Like Naruto, he planned on becoming Hokage one day, but unlike Naruto, his dreams were shattered the day he witnessed Rin die in the hands of his teammate Kakashi. Now he stands on the opposite end of the spectrum from Naruto, and the two predictably butt heads!

Sure, just like every single Naruto graphic novel out there, the action is epic, immense and mind-boggling, but the true dynamic that make this particular volume click are the internal dialogues and struggles of Naruto and Obito. Will Naruto, after witnessing the fall of his comrades in battle, turn his back on the flawed ninja world he's trying so desperately to protect? Or will he overcome the same doubts and inner torments that blinded Obito and led him astray?

Just when the doubts start creeping up on Naruto, his friends and comrades over the years come to stand by his side. But is that enough? Catching a second wind, the coalition is ready for the challenge, and a charged-up Naruto stands tall at the front.

Ten Tails is finally awakened! Will the ninja world survive this latest and greatest threat?

Naruto volume 64 is available now!


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