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art by Masashi Kishimoto
Cool cover by Kishimoto Sensei! I like when he goes all aggro on the art, for lack of a better term. There's a great sense of raw emotion in this cover. It feels very alive!

by Masashi Kishimoto

Whoa! Cool color art spread! It looks like Kishimoto Sensei must have really liked Elysium! I can't remember another time when he drew art inspired by a movie. Also, super shocker chapter! Two very important characters are in dire straights! Things are getting pretty grim for the Allied Shinobi Forces. 

All You Need is Kill
story by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, storyboards by Ryosuke Takeuchi, character designs by Yoshitoshi Abe, art by Takeshi Obata
It's the second chapter of our newest manga! Keiji's got a problem—he keeps dying in battle only to wake up and have to do the day all over again. He seems to be trapped in some kind of terrible time loop. But he's beginning to notice that the things he does affects the events of the day. Can he find away not to die and repeat the same day forever?

One Piece
by Eiichiro Oda
There's a new badass in town, and let's just say, he's a lot like an egg—hard boiled. His name is Señor Pink, and he's one of the funniest things Oda Sensei's come up with in a while. And considering how funny the manga is, that's saying something! Also, it looks like we're heading into the final stage of the tournament! Who will win the Flame-Flame Fruit! 

by Naoshi Komi
Haru's sick of Raku's playboy ways. He's got a girlfriend, but he keeps making bedroom eyes at her sister, which is not cool. Well, when Haru does some sneaking in the bushes, she hears something about him that rocks her world!

One-Punch Man
story by ONE, art by Yusuke Murata
The alien invasion continues! The top heroes in the Hero Organization have been dispached to fight the grotesque entity on the ground, while Saitama attacks the ship from the inside. But it's so huge, no matter how much damage he does it won't fall. Will he find the ship's weak spot, or just run around for hours beating everything up in sight? Might get tedious! 

by Tite Kubo
Major reveals abound in Bleach, especially concerning Yhwach, the leader of the invading Vandereich and his relationship to Uryu! This is of those chapters that answers some questions, but poses even more. 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
Original Concept by Kazuki Takahashi
Story by Shin Yoshida, Art by Naohito Miyoshi
Production Support: STUDIO DICE

The devastating double duels continue! And while Yuma tries his best to find a weakness in Kaito's Galaxy Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon, Ryoga struggles against Yagumo. Meanwhile, the Number's Club races to find a way to the controls in Dr. Faker's lab to stop the impending cataclysm! 

Dragon Ball
by Akira Toriyama

The battle with Vegeta's finally over, and now the victors have to pick up the pieces. Many have fallen, and spirits are low. That is until Kuririn remembers something he overheard the bad guy's talking about. Something that may just give them hope.

El Viento Del Norte
by Niu Zai (Taiwan)
The Shonen Jump Manga Competition is officially over! If you haven't been following it, you can see who won and read the judges' comments about the top entries right here! And the most popular manga among English-language voters was El Viento Del Norte! As part of the prize, the manga will be published in the American Weekly Shonen Jump. That's us! This entry was a fun-filled, rootin'-tootin' western starring a katana-weilding lass who don't take no guff. Congratulations to all the winners! And even if you didn't win, but submitted something, thanks for making it such an amazing contest! Arigato gozaimasu!

Extras: Shonen Jump Manga Competition Editors-in-Chief Round Table discussion, Author Comments. 

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by Urian Brown


Submitted by yafada on Mon, 01/27/2014 - 20:23

Yhwach kinda looks like Machete from those action movies.

Submitted by mdoorpsy on Mon, 01/27/2014 - 21:14

It would be awesome if all the one shots were released in print as an anthology. I would so buy that.

Submitted by eliteshinigami on Wed, 01/29/2014 - 16:08

This weeks edition of Bleach definitely answered some questions about Yhwach. All You Need Is Kill seems really interesting as well. I'm looking forward to next weeks issue!