CARDS: Valiant New Release!

Still need more Legacy of the Valiant cards for your Deck? Now you can get more with the release of Legacy of the Valiant Deluxe Edition, which includes exclusive foil versions of two of Legacy ’s top common and rare cards along with one of two preview cards from the next booster pack, Primal Origin.


Sylvan monsters all have a power that “excavates” cards from the top of your Deck and another one when they are “excavated.” The effects range from destroying cards to rearranging the top cards of your Deck. 

Sylvan Peaskeeper revives any Level 4 or lower Plant from your Graveyard when it’s excavated. It’s a must-have for Sylvan Decks, and while it’s normally a Rare card, every Deluxe Edition comes with an Ultra Rare version! 

Excavating Sylvan Cherubsprout lets you Summon any Level 1 Plant from your Deck, like Sylvan Peaskeeper or another Sylvan Cherubsprout, and when it’s Special Summoned, you can excavate two cards!


Ghostrick Jackfrost is available as an Ultra Rare in every Deluxe Edition. Its power to flip any attacking monster face-down and Special Summon itself makes it perfect for any strategy that needs defensive monsters for Tribute, Xyz or Synchro Summons.


Bujin Decks get a sweet Spell called Bujintervention! Bujin Beast-Warriors are great at taking down bigger monters with the help of cards like Bujingi Crane. While Bujintervention is active, every time your Bujin monster takes down a monster whose original ATK is higher than your Bujin’s original ATK, it’s banished. Plus every single copy of the banished monster your opponent plays, no matter where it is at the time, is also banished!

In addition to all the booster packs and special foil cards, every Deluxe Edition also comes with card sleeves and one of two collectible storage boxes for your new cards. Legacy of the Valiant Deluxe Edition will be available on March 7!


Submitted by tommyursa on Thu, 02/27/2014 - 22:10

I want to try a sylvan deck, but i think it's better for those who can count cards. some of the effects are "exacavate 1 or 2" or "call a card name, if the card you excavate is that card do something"