MANGA: Nisekoi Vol.2


Raku Ichijo wants a normal life.
Raku Ichijo leads an abnormal life.

Raku Ichijo is madly in love with a cute classmate.
Raku Ichijo is stuck in a false relationship with a super-mad girl.

Raku Ichijo's cute classmate has a crush on him.
Raku Ichijo's fake girlfriend crushes him...often.

Nothing is easy for Raku Ichijo, especially when it comes to dealing with his false girlfriend Chitoge Kirisaki, who he must put up with for the remainder of his high-school life in order to keep the peace between feuding factions. But lately, things haven't been so bad ever since Chitoge started to acclimate herself at her new school and meet new friends. But just because she's not knocking him silly every time they meet doesn't mean the two will be booking tickets for a honeymoon anytime soon...


Chitoge's incredibly gifted, and amongst her many talents, her athletic prowess is quite astonishing. From clearing tall school fences (and kneeing a boy in the face while at it) to performing incredible gymnastics, Chitoge's in superb physical shape. And it should come as no surprise that she's a pretty darn good swimmer as well!

But even the greatest of athletes need to make sure that they stretch and keep their muscles loose before any strenuous physical activity. However, Raku's got Chitoge all riled up, and she decides to skip her stretches in a rebellious fit—a big mistake she regrets after she starts to cramp up in the water. Can Raku get to her and save her before it's too late?!


So far, Raku's been driving down easy street when it comes to (obliviously) capturing girls' hearts, but how will he cope when a new rival appears, especially one as handsome as Seishiro Tsugumi, the new transfer student?! All the girls immediately fall head-over-heels for the new student, but Tsugumi has eyes for only one—Chitoge! And it appears that the two have known each other since childhood...

Hrm... So let's see. Tsugumi → childhood friend of Chitoge  daughter of gangster boss  Tsugumi's a gangster! Actually, bodyguard is more like it, but regardless, Raku is dealing with a battle-hardened, gun-toting rival! And when Tsugumi challenges Raku to a duel over Chitoge, Raku accepts despite learning of Tsugumi's incredible reputation and exploits. But even all of Tsugumi's legendary feats is nothing compared to the shock Raku receives at the end of their duel!

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Got this last week. Have not read it yet though. I'll get to it soon. :)