Hunter x Hunter Vol. 32


A Very Special Election! 

After Hunter Association Chairman Netero’s passing, the time has come to elect a new Chairman. The final candidates are the ever-smirking, rat-like, vice-chairman Pariston Hill; the silent, ox-like, crime-hunter Mizaistom Nana; the dog-like and intelligent Cheadle Yorkshire and…Leorio? The odds are in favor of Pariston, but Leorio might just be the dark horse that can win this election.

But things are not that simple in the Hunter Association. Pariston Hill is not about to let an outsider like Leorio walk off with the prize just by making a few suprisingly powerful speeches. You can bet the sly rat has a few tricks up his sleeve at the very least.

Meanwhile, Killua and his sister Alluka visit Gon at the hospital, where he is in critical condition after defeating the Chimera Ant King. Alluka’s other half, Nanika, has the power to grant wishes, and their older brother Illumi wants Nanika’s powers for himself. Killua wishes for Nanika to heal Gon, but will her powers be enough to fix him up? And will Ging ever acknowledge his son? And who is this strange man claiming to be Netero’s son? All of the answers are found in this volume, although the ending opens up a whole lot more questions than answers.

While the art jumps in style from scene to scene, Togashi’s storytelling is solid, hooking the reader in a way that they’ll be waiting for the next installment, no matter how long it may take. And with the way this volume ended, it looks like big things will happen once Hunter x Hunter returns in Weekly Shonen Jump.

You can see who won the Hunter Association election, right here

by Ray n. 


Submitted by TristanTsunami on Tue, 04/15/2014 - 10:12

So does this mean we might be getting more after this from Togashi-sensei soon? Is the long Hiatus FINALLY about to end?

Either way, I'm glad we're getting a new volume.