King of Dueling!

Many of the strongest monsters in all of Dueling come from the Extra Deck, but not Majesty’s Fiend! This new king-sized monster from Primal Origin goes in your Main Deck and shuts down entire strategies every time you play it!

Majesty’s Fiend is Level 6 and cannot be Special Summoned, but the trade-off for requiring a Tribute Summon is that all monster effects cannot be activated while he’s on the field. Monster effects are an integral part of nearly every strategy, so a 2400 ATK monster that says they can’t be used is easily capable of taking over entire Duels on its own!

Once you Summon Majesty’s Fiend, you won’t be able to use monster effects either, but because you’re the one including Majesty’s Fiend in your Deck, you can incorporate it into your strategy and add more cards to help you keep the Fiend on the field and your opponent’s monsters off. Classic Trap Cards like Mirror Force along with Spells like Forbidden Dress and Forbidden Lance (all of which can be found in Premium Gold) can help you keep Majesty’s Fiend on the field even in the face of high-ATK monsters powered up with Spells.

Of course, why play Spells or Traps that only help you keep your Fiend around when you can play a Trap Card that lets you Summon it for free and protects it from destruction? Sinister Yorishiro (from Shadow Specters) does it all! It’s a Continuous Trap that lets you Normal Summon one Level 5 or higher Fiend-Type monster from your hand without Tributing during each of your turns. And if a Normal Summoned Level 5 or higher Fiend would be destroyed, you can send Yorishiro to the Graveyard instead! Use it to Summon Majesty’s Fiend without Tribute, then send it away if the unthinkable happens. And if you can keep Yorishiro around long enough, you can Summon even more Fiends, like Vanity’s Fiend or many of the Archfiend monsters!

Majesty’s Fiend is a game-changer, now available in Primal Origin!


Submitted by mdoorpsy on Sun, 06/08/2014 - 21:50

aaaaaaaaand… banned!

Seriously though, as fun as these cards would be to use, it would just be downright annoying to have to face them, especially that sinister trap card seems utterly broken. I'm honestly shocked that it doesn't have any limitations like having to have your side of the field clear to activate the effect, or letting both players use the effect, that way it could at least come back to bite you if your opponent has some powerful fiends of their own.