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Could this be the coolest Shonen Jump cover ever? It's certainly high on the list. There have been lots of amazing covers, but this one has a dark edgy feel to it that makes it cool. Like, something you'd put on a shirt cool. It's to kick off the first part of a special limited series about, as you can tell by the cover, Kenshin's archrival—Shishio Makoto! 

Rurouni Kenshin: Master of Flame
by Nobuhiro Watsuki
A special series focusing on Shishio Makoto! One of Kenshin's greatest foes and a personal favorite of mine! There's just something so compelling about his character design. I mean, if I guy is always covered in bandages, you know he's been in some serious stuff. Deadly serious. Also, his eyes are so angry and full of spite, it's hard not be intrigued. This series focuses on how he met his longtime companion, Yumi. Thanks to the success of the live-action Rurouni Kenshin movie, we're getting all kinds of new Kenshin stuff! Enjoy it while it lasts! 

World Trigger
by Daisuke Ashihara
The battle continues! This is one of the longest-running battles we've had in any manga! It's been going on for over six months! Luckily, the battle's full of interesting characters with lots of different powers, so it manages to stay interesting. And that's no easy feat! But it looks like the fight may be finally coming to some kind of conclusion. A conclusion that will determine the fate of a little girl named Chika. 

by Masashi Kishimoto
Looks like Team 7 is tired of playing defense and hatching a plan to take a shot at Kaguya. Who is essentially the strongest shinobi of all time! But as usual, Naruto's got a trick or two up his sleeves. Will trickery work on a "god."

Hunter x Hunter
by Yoshihiro Togashi
The preparations for the Dark Continent expedition group are coming along! Looks like both teams, the Zodiac and Beyond's group, are finalizing the details and making last minute adjustments. Looks like adventure is about to begin!

by Tite Kubo
After all this build up, it looks like Yhwach is finally going to get some action! Action in the form of one very spirited member of the Zero Company! Is it a fool's errand, or is there a chance?

by Naoshi Komi
Both Raku and Chitoge are in a pickle! A super-cute super sleuth named Mimiko Kiki is interviewing them for the school paper and threatens to blow their cover as a false couple! She's been digging around and even has informants to back up her claims! Hope your like your gossip hot and juicy! 

Stealth Symphony
story by Ryohgo Narita, art by Yoichi Amano
It's the final chapter of Stealth Symphony! It's been a heckuva ride and a neat look into an interesting world. I must say, this manga got incredibly dark towards the end, shocking at times. It's always bittersweet when a manga ends, because you have to say goodbye to the characters you've gotten to know. But on the other hand, it usually means another manga is starting so you'll meet some new ones. That is the nature of serialized manga. So long, Stealth Symphony!

Extras: Anime Expo Con Report, Anime Expo Cosplay Favorites, Naruto DVD Set 19 Feature, Nihongo Lesson, Author Notes. 

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by Urian Brown


Submitted by Shonenjump86 on Mon, 07/14/2014 - 12:51

Can't say I'm going to miss Stealth Symphony, it was not really good IMO.

Submitted by ohoni on Mon, 07/14/2014 - 18:00

Stealth Symphony was consistently one of the best series in the book. I have no idea what Jump Japan was thinking.

Submitted by EddieT on Wed, 07/16/2014 - 09:03

The mangaka tried to jam too many ideas into the manga. Seriously: dragons, elves, cyborgs, zombies, magic, alternate dimensions, dragon legacies, assassins; it was all too much. Was still enjoyable to read but suffered from a lack of popularity so it got axed.

Submitted by mewringo13 on Sat, 07/19/2014 - 17:39

It's a bummer that Stealth Symphony ended... it had a lot of promise :(