Monster League

Battle Pack 3: Monster League is almost here! It’s the first Battle Pack to have brand-new cards in it—ten to be exact! It’s the first Battle Pack to have five different game mats available as part of the Battle Kits! And it’s the first Battle Pack to have a special rule applied during Booster Draft and Sealed Pack Play that exponentially increases the number of amazing combos and strategies you can assemble!

Special Monster League Rule: ALL of your monsters are ALL Types, everywhere!

Battle Pack 3: Monster League is packed with hundreds of powerful cards, many of which couldn’t be included in previous Battle Packs because of their Type-reliant abilities. Cards like Mezuki, Psychokinesis, and Mark of the Rose normally require specific monster Types that won’t work during Booster Draft or Sealed Pack play, but when they work with every monster in your Deck, the impossible becomes possible!

Here are some cards from Battle Pack 3: Monster League that become extraordinarily powerful when they work with all of your monsters!

Ayers Rock Sunrise revives a Beast-Type monster from your Graveyard and drains 200 ATK from all of your opponent’s face-up monsters for each Beast, Plant, and Winged-Beast in your Graveyard. Thanks to the Monster League Rule, you can use it to revive any of your monsters, and your opponent’s monsters lose 200 ATK for every monster still left in your Graveyard!

Freya, Spirit of Victory boosts all your Fairy-Type monsters by 400 ATK and DEF and can’t be attacked if you control another Fairy-Type monster. With the Monster League Rule, she boosts all of your monsters by 400 ATK and DEF and can’t be attacked if you have any other face-up monster!

Tutan Mask negates a Spell/Trap Card that targets exactly one Zombie-Type monster on the field. When every monster is a Zombie-Type monster, this lets you negate any Spell/Trap that targets any monster on either side of the field!

Keep an eye out for Battle Pack 3: Monster League on August 1. And remember, Booster Draft with Battle Pack 3: Monster League will be an important part of all North American Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournaments from here on out!


Submitted by tommyursa on Thu, 07/24/2014 - 20:33

with type structure battle pack, it starts to feel like mtg drafts, how you have to focus on color, or in this case the monster type. if packs were more cards per pack and at the same price, drafts would really be fun. i guess everyone can pool together money for packs.

Submitted by tomahtashi on Tue, 07/29/2014 - 09:53

Focusing on color sounds pretty funny.