Toriko is a Gourmet Hunter—a man that tracks down the toughest, most sought-after animals, fruits, and other delicacies the world has to offer. He wrestles giant alligators and treks through the most dangerous landscapes all for his greatest passion—food!

He and his sidekick Komatsu travel the world to fulfill his dream of one day put together a full-course menu of the tastiest foods he can find; but with standards like his, it won’t be easy to fill all those blanks! And now he's found one item that just might land a spot in his menu: the Century Soup!

After being recruited along with several other Gourmet Hunters to find the Century Soup by the Gourmet Billionaire Colonel Mokkoi, Toriko and his chef sidekick Komatsu arrive at Ice Hell! And the freezing cold isn’t the only thing the Hunters are faced with, as several high-ranking members of the villainous Gourmet Corp. have come in pursuit of the soup as well!

As Toriko and Komatsu trek through the frozen landscape, they come to know their competition: Match is a Lieutenant in the Gourmet Mafia of Nerg City. But unlike most mobsters, Match works outside the law to make sure that those living in poverty get to eat! Also in their group is a Gourmet Knight named Takimaru, who wishes to use the prize money to buy a cure-all medicine for one of his comrades!

As Toriko’s group comes close to finding the Century Soup, they run afoul of the agents of Gourmet Corp.! Will Toriko and company taste sweet victory or will they dine on bitter defeat?

Sink your teeth into Toriko Volume 9, on sale April 3!

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by Stephan Massih


Submitted by BankaiKid on Sat, 04/28/2012 - 14:40

They can win this, and i hopehe adds Centry Soup to his menu! :3