MANGA: ONE PIECE vol. 62 Preview


Monkey D. Luffy is on a quest to obtain the famed treasure "One Piece." With a motley crew of characters by his side, he's traversed the dangerous waters of East Blue and the Grand Line. And now with their faithful ship, the Thousand Sunny, which is coated to withstand the depths of the fierce ocean, the Straw Hats plunge toward the next stop in their epic journey! Soon after they start their descent toward the legendary Fish-Man Island, they're blindsided by an attack from a vicious group of pirates! And even after they quickly fend them off and accidentally take the leader of their attackers captive, they've got to contend with an underwater volcano and the colossal kraken! 

Though the perils in their path are many, the crew manages to weigh anchor in Fish-Man Island, known to its inhabitants as Ryugu Kingdom. Their first stop is Mermaid Café, where their old friends, the Mermaid Camie and the starfish Pappagu are working! The peaceful reunion is short-lived, however, as the king of Ryugu Kingdom Neptune comes calling for the Straw Hat crew! He invites them to his palace to thank them for unknowingly saving the pet shark of his youngest daughter as they made their way to the island. Once in the palace, Luffy makes quick tracks to find the food, but stumbles across the enormous daughter of King Neptune, Shirahoshi!

Despite the reunions and merrymaking, all is not well in the kingdom. The leader of the New Fish-Man pirates, Hody Jones, makes an alliance with the creepy stalker of Shirahoshi, Vander Decken IX! Do the Straw Hats stand a chance against their combined might or are they completely sunk?!

The Straw Hats' plunge into a new adventure in One Piece vol. 62, on sale May 1st!

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