SJ Alpha had a special interview at Sakura-Con 2012 with the special music guests, STEREOPONY, the all-girls J-rock band known for the Bleach anime theme "Hitohira No Hanabira." Also, we’ve got an exclusive members-only video of their performance at Amoeba Records in San Francisco. Check it out!

Q: Could you introduce yourself?

A: I am Aimi on Vocal and Guitar.
N: I am Nohana on Bass.
S: I’m Shiho on Drums.

Q: Ive heard that you guys just started your first headlining tour in the U.S. at Sakura-con last night. How was it?

S: It was SO EXCITING! And Fun!
A: Saiko!

Q: How are the American fans different from Japanese fans?

A: They are totally different. For example, we try to engage the fans in Japan by us cheering. Then the Japanese audience will match our energy and respond. But in America, all the fans are going super crazy and cheering all the time for us. It’s so fun to see how energetic they are.

Q: "Hitohira no Hanabira" is the Bleach anime ending theme song by STEREOPONY. How does the song relate to Bleach?

A: Actually, it was our debut song, and we’ve been making and singing this song before it was selected to be the theme song for Bleach. Since we were students, we’ve been fans of the Bleach manga and read it with our friends all the time. So when "Hitohira no Hanabira" was chosen to be a theme song in Bleach, it made us very happy.

Q: Do you have any favorite Bleach character?

N: I like Renji.
A: I like Toshiro Hitsugaya.
S: I like Kenpachi.

Q: So you guys are on your first U.S. tour and will be performing at San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Ana. Are there any sightseeing plans while you're here?

A: I want to go everywhere.
S: I want to see the ocean!
A: I want to go to the very first Starbucks in Seattle's Pike Place Market.
N: I want to go to shopping.

Q: Any last words to the American fans of STEREOPONY?

N: STEREOPONY will have more songs in the future, so check us out.
A: It’s our very first time touring the U.S., and we were really looking forward to it. We would like to take this tour experience to Japan as a souvenir.
S: Hey American fans. I love you all.

Thank you very much STEREOPONY! We hope you had a great time on your U.S. Tour!


Watch Our Video Interview with STEREOPONY!

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That was an awesome interview!! LOVED the Bleach questions! Never knew they were Bleach fans as well!! Also LOVE THE VID Interview!! Hopefully this continues in the near future and maybe someday we will see Mangaka Interviews?

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I seen the whole series of bleach. bleach is a great anime