Amberground is filled with darkness, and for the people scattered across the dangerous landscape, there’s only one thing that keeps their hearts connected—letters. The brave Letter Bees are messenger carriers that risk their lives to deliver these precious letters and face hostile monsters known as Gaichuu along the way.

Inspired by his encounter with the Letter Bee Gauche Suede, young Lag Seeing decides to follows in Gauche's footsteps. When Lag finally reaches his goal of becoming an esteemed Letter Bee, he finds that Gauche is no longer a Letter Bee and went missing. Determined to reunite with his friend, Lag travels with his Dingo Niche to delivers letters to the inhabitants of Amberground.

Volume 9 is the long awaited return of Gauche Suede! Though he is still recovering from the events of the previous volume, those close to him are overjoyed by his return. However, two government agents come to the Beehive threatening to take Gauche away! On top of that, they make some drastic changes to the Beehive that could impact Lag’s dream of becoming the Head Bee.

Tegami Bachi is a very heartwarming story. After reading each volume, I end up wanting to write a letter myself and have Lag deliver it! Every story arc is filled with tear-jerking emotions and this volume is no exception. With each difficult letter Lag delivers, he comes to understand how hearts connect and how people’s feelings reach one another.  The story is wonderfully told. I’m curious to see what will happen in the rest of the series.

Though Lag is a softhearted character, he is no pushover when it comes to fighting. This volume is packed with many great action scenes. It always amazes me how tough Lag and Niche are. The Gaichuu and the Reverse organization are constantly threatening Lag’s deliveries, but he and Niche are always up for the challenge.

Gauche has finally returned, but will he be able to stay? What will happen to Lag’s dream of becoming Head Bee? Find out in , on sale May 5!

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by Katherine McGowan