VIDEO GAME: Gungnir Review!

r: STING > Publisher: Atlus > Systems: PSP > Rating: T

I’m very excited that my first video game review is for Atlus’ new game Gungnir. It’s a tactical RPG about a young boy named Guilo, who must rise against an oppressive empire with the help of the magic spear Gungnir. This game has a fantastic story, is really fun to play, and has a great world.

This story is quite serious and has some very intense moments. You as the player have to make hard decisions for Gulio, to the point where you decide whether a man lives or dies! The story is very moving and at times it almost made me cry. The story motivated me to defeat extremely tough bosses, to find out if the characters get a happy ending.

The gameplay for this tactical game is great. It does take a few battles to get a handle on the controls and turn-order system. However, once you master the controls, it’s smooth sailing. I did find it difficult to control multiple characters at once, but that was also what made the game fun.

Gungnir can be frustrating at times, though. For example, I played a couple battles where no matter what I did I couldn’t get close to the commanding unit. I didn’t understand why the guy wouldn’t stay dead. As it turns out, those were battles where I had to lose.

Eventually Guilo gets the ultimate weapon, Gungnir. I love using this weapon! Gungnir has a wide range and is very strong. When Guilo attacks with Gungnir, a small amount of health is restored to him. It also has the useful ability of summoning war gods to kill enemies for you! The only drawback to this ability is that the war gods can also attack your characters as well, so use with caution.  

The graphics in this anime style game are beautiful. I love the adorable chibi characters. Sword wielding chibis are so cute and deadly! Also, the animation sequences are well done, so this is definitely a game for anime lovers.

It's a very engaging game that can be enjoyed by anyone, even if you've never played a tactical game before. The compelling story and great graphics make it worth sticking it out through the tough spots.

Hint: Keep your range in mind so you don’t hint your comrades. Especially with archers and long-range characters.

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by Katherine McGowan