MANGA: NURA vol. 9 Preview


The Nura clan is a syndicate of supernatural beings who rule the night, led by Nurarihyon, the most powerful yokai of them all. However, Nurarihyon's not as spry as he used to be, so Nurarihyon’s grandson Rikuo is next in line to take command. However, he’s only one-quarter yokai... Human by day and yokai by night, Rikuo is determined to become a strong commander so he can protect his friends and the town he lives in. Now that a powerful enemy threatens everything that Rikuo knows, he must become stronger or lose everything!

In volume 9 of Nura, Rikuo is taken to Tono, the location for Rikuo's training and populated by powerful yokai. There he learns to learn how to control his fear, the special abilities yokai posses to frighten humans. Though he starts to get a handle on his abilities, he can’t fully master them until he can understand his own Nurarihyon blood. Meanwhile in Kyoto, Hagomoro-Gitsune and her army continue their evil schemes and wreak havoc upon unsuspecting humans. Will the onmyoji be able to stop her or will they be massacred?

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The excitement of Nura continues in this volume. Rikuo meets some interesting yokai who help him refine his techniques. He is definitely going to need it because Hagomoro-Gitsune’s strength gives even yokai nightmares. She is so evil that it’s both exciting and frightening. I can’t wait to see what the battle between them is like. And with all these cool new yokai, I now have some new favorites, including the tough Itaku and the interesting Awashima.

The action scenes of this volume were mind-blowing. Shiibashi Sensei has kept me on the edge of my seat with his stunning battle scenes. Rikuo has definitely grown into a stronger character, but there is still more room to grow. He even manages to replicate the power he inherited from his grandfather. Though he has grown quite a bit, Rikuo still has a way to go before he surpasses Nurarihyon. I wonder what challenges Rikuo must face before he can get to his grandfather’s level. Facing Hagomoro-Gitsune is a start.

Will Rikuo be able to master fear in time to stop Hagomoro-Gitsune? What evil she will unleash upon Kyoto? Find out in Nura volume 9 on sale June 5! If you want to learn more about Nura, check out the FREE PREVIEW of volume 1 over at!

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