MANGA: D.GRAY-MAN vol.22 Preview


Just who is the enigma known as Allen Walker? Orphan raised by a mysterious clown? Skilled Exorcist equipped with a parasitic-type Innocence, a crystalline substance used to fight demons known as Akuma? A member of the Millenium Earl’s clan known as the Noah?

Despite the murkiness of Allen Walker’s identity, there’s one constant in his life that he values above all else—the friendships he’s forged throughout his tumultuous existence. It’s that value in friendship that prompts Allen to save fellow Exorcist Yu Kanda and Yu’s ravaged friend Alma from the clutches of both the Black Order of Exorcists and the Millenium Earl’s sadistic horde known as the Noah. However, who’s there to save Allen from the Fourteenth Noah slumbering inside of him from awakening and taking over his soul?

Volume 22 opens with Allen sending Yu and Alma to a faraway place where they won’t be bothered by Exorcists, Akuma, or Noah. Finally the two can be at peace, away from the horrors of the Black Order’s experimentation and the Millenium Earl’s manipulative clutch.

Although Allen whisked Yu and Alma away out of the kindness of his heart, he’s now paying the price and is imprisoned by the Black Order. And to make matters worse, the Cardinal pays Allen a visit, but what are his intentions in meeting Allen?

Though battle lines are clearly drawn between the Exorcists and the Millenium Earl’s army of Akuma and Noah, the clarity between good and bad isn't black-and-white. Which side, if any, is Allen Walker on?

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by John Bae


Submitted by conchobar on Fri, 06/22/2012 - 11:40

Man, I can't wait. I love the D. gray man series and it's gotten really interesting lately. Love Katsura Hoshino's recent art as well. I bought the art book a little while back.