You know the story, right? Boy sees spirits, boy's family gets attacked by mean ol’ spirits called Hollows, and...BAM! He becomes a Soul Reaper, charged with ensuring that all spirits rest in peace.

That’s Ichigo Kurosaki’s tale, which continues in volume 42 of Bleach. Though Ichigo’s sittin’ out this action-packed volume, don’t think that means things are gonna slow down.

Tenth Company Captain Hitsugaya’s battle with Espada Halibel continues as he busts out his Hyoten Hakkaso ability, throwing all restraint aside.

Meanwhile Eighth Division Captain Kyoraku, with his fellow Captain Ukitake’s assistance, takes on the Arrancar Stark and struggles to continue the fight without revealing his bankai. Stark, however, has no such reservations and releases his true power with Lilinette’s aide.  What combined Hollow powers are the two capable of…?

The mysterious Arrancar Wonderweiss also enters the fight with the smell of death trailing behind! But just as the battle's outlook seems it’s bleakest, some powerful masked visitors step into the ring. Are they here for revenge, and against whom?

These masked visitors may not be allies of the Thirteen Court Guard Companies, but they are definitely no friends of the traitorous Aizen. Aizen’s patience is running thin, and there’s no time to question whether these visitors are friends or enemies.

Sit back and watch as new comrades emerge to end a common enemy once and for all in the recent release of Bleach volume 42.

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by Cat Rechsteiner


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