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story by Tsugumi Ohba, art by Takeshi Obata

Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi team up as a manga-creating duo. After being told that Perfect Crime Party will not get an anime, Moritaka and Akito start planning on a second series. Their best chance might be to do well in a new contest where they'll compete with rivals over who can create the best romance story!

Volume 13 is in stores now!

by Tite Kubo

Old friends turn against each other as the traitorous Tosen and Soul Reaper Captain Komamura battle it out. Will Tosen’s new powers be too much for the Soul Reapers? Meanwhile, when Hirako reveals his abilities for the first time, can he turn the tables against the seemingly invincible Aizen?!

Volume 44 is in stores now!

by Tite Kubo

The intense battle between the Soul Reapers and Aizen's Hollowfied army heads for a climax as Aizen joins the battlefield and faces the Soul Society’s strongest captains. Captain General Yamamoto reveals his true powers for the first time, but will it be enough to stop Aizen?

Volume 45 is in stores now!

NURA v.10
by Hiroshi Shiibashi

Traitorous yokai continue to break the eight seals of Hidemoto, which keep their leader, the dark Hagoromo-Gitsune bound and powerless. Rikuo and friends are speeding toward Kyoto via flying boat. But the followers of Hagoromo-Gitsune are determined to make sure their journey is anything but smooth sailing.

Volume 10 is in stores now!

by Takehiko Inoue

Now that they’ve made it to the Nationals, Shohoku has to get their game on to beat their A-ranked first round opponent, Toyotama. And even if they beat Toyotama, Shohoku’s opponent in the second round is last year’s champion, Sanno Kogyo. For Sakuragi, Akagi, Rukawa and the boys of Shohoku High, the real game begins now!

Volume 23 is in stores now!

by Hiroyuki Asada

Government agents have seized control of the Beehive, leaving Aria Link, second in command of the Letter Bees, to carry on. With her violin in hand and Niche by her side, Aria sets out to find answers to the mysteries of Amberground. Meanwhile, Lag becomes a guinea pig in experiments to discover the secret of his strange amber eye…

Volume 10 is in stores now!

by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

Gourmet Hunter Toriko's fight with Gourmet Corp. has left him without an arm. While his culinary partner Komatsu continues the quest for Century Soup, Toriko journeys to Life, the country of healing, where getting some R&R turns into a bigger battle than anyone imagined.

Volume 11 is in stores now!

original concept by Stan Lee, story & art by Hiroyuki Takei

Puppetmaster Dunstan tells Vice he’s planned the Hundred Machine Funeral as an epic battle in which fighters for good and evil must convince one another to switch sides! Meanwhile, Yamato’s crush Sayama discovers that she too was involved in Yamato’s heroic struggle in a past life… 

Volume 7 is in stores now!

original concept by Kazuki Takahashi, story & art by Naoyuki Kageyama

The possessed Principal Mackenzie makes his final bid to crush the students of Duel Academy and seize Chazz and Jaden’s Spirit Cards! Jaden will need all his dueling skill as he battles his way through to the final Duel, fighting for his friends, his mentor Koyo Hibiki, and the fate of Duel Academy itself!

Volume 9 is in stores now!

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Submitted by agitoz on Tue, 08/07/2012 - 11:00

That's weird, I didn't know the authors of Bakuman did the last volume of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. :p

Submitted by John Bae on Tue, 08/07/2012 - 11:16

Yikes! Gonna fix that now.

Submitted by hOlO69 on Tue, 08/07/2012 - 15:05

There's a mistake for Bleach volume 44 - Hirako doesn't reveal his bankai, it's his shikai.

Submitted by John Bae on Tue, 08/07/2012 - 17:17

Good catch. Thanks!

Submitted by Ashirogi6 on Sun, 08/19/2012 - 19:45

Aizen's army isn't hollowfied! they are hollows! "hollowfied" is the word for when vizards put on their masks.