One Piece Vol.72

The big fight for the Flame-Flame Devil Fruit! A Shonen Jump manga tournament--Oda Sensei style!

FREE Shonen Jump Starter Pack!

The latest version of the Starter Pack is up and FREE for your viewing pleasure.

NEWS: Kishimoto One-Shot!

Special preview of a Masashi Kishimoto one-shot in this week's issue!

MANGA: BLEACH Vol. 49-51 Review

Bleach 49, 50 and 51 show the life of Ichigo Kurosaki—post Soul Reaper. The adventures continue!


The Impure King has risen in Blue Exorcist! Can the Exwires of True Cross Academy save Kyoto from certain destruction?

MANGA: CLAYMORE Vol. 21 Preview

In volume 21 of Claymore, an all out rebellion against the Organization has begun!

VIDEO GAME: Incoming! (October 1–October 15)

Looks like the Holiday Video Game Season is almost upon us, here are some cool early releases coming your way!

VIDEO GAMES: Incoming! (September 4–September 15)

Not the best time of year for releases, but we've managed to drum up some decent new games coming your way!

MANGA: YU-GI-OH! GX vol.9 Preview

FINAL VOLUME! Can Jaden and friends stop an evil shadowy spirit’s quest for vengeance?

MANGA: CLAYMORE Vol. 20 Preview

The battle between the renegade Claymore and the Organization heats up in volume 20!