Ragnarok Odyssey ACE

If you love grinding for loot and reaping the rewards, this game's for you!

Witch and the Hundred Knight

Finally a video game that will help you count your calories!

VIDEO GAME: Tales Chronicles

Two classic Tales games with remastered graphics, new items and monsters, and dual language tracks for a super-cheap price? No brainer.


Can an updated version of the classic Strider game ever hope to do the original justice? Do ninja flip out and kill people?

VIDEO GAME: Earth Defense Force 2025

The only good bug is a dead bug...or in this case A LOT of dead bugs!

VIDEO GAME: Dustforce

If being a janitor was this fun in real life, it would be a clean world. A very, very clean world!

VIDEO GAME: Disgaea D2

Dood! You know exactly what you're getting into with a Disgaea game...100s of hours of AWESOMEZ.

VIDEO GAME: Rayman Legends

Take it from a guy who's played every major Rayman release since the original on the Sega Saturn, this is a feast for fans!

VIDEO GAME: Pirate Warriors 2

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 goes back to the tried-and-true formula that's made Dynasty Warriors an enduring franchise.

VIDEO GAME: Ducktales Remastered

SJ editor Scrooge McDork (Urian Brown) takes a crack at the remake of this fabled classic.