March Graphic Novels

One Piece volume 70 plus more SHONEN JUMP releases are available now!

January Graphic Novels!

Naruto volume 64 plus more SHONEN JUMP releases are available now!

MANGA: November Graphic Novels

Check out the latest Shonen Jump titles that came out this month, in stores now!

MANGA: Psyren vol. 12

Ageha and Matsuri infiltrate a high-security research lab and face one of their creepiest foes yet!

MANGA: July Graphic Novels

Don't let the dog days of summer go to the dogs! Get these Shonen Jump graphic novels, in stores now!

Fan Art from You

Check out Robert's awesome Psyren fan art!

MANGA: Psyren

Volume 10 review! In the latest volume, Ageha Yoshina is in for the fight of his life... In fact, it's a fight for everyone's lives!

MANGA: May Graphic Novels

SHONEN JUMP May graphic novels came out today! Which one will you get?

The Importance of Spring

To celebrate spring, Weekly Shonen Jump's bringing out Sakuran (tentative) along with comments from manga creator Toshiaki Iwashiro and SASAKI Hisashi!

ONE-SHOT: Sakuran (tentative)

Check out Sakuran (tentative), the latest one-shot offering from Toshiaki Iwashiro, creator of Psyren!