Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter Vol. 32

Voting has never been so much fun! Well, voting for a new Hunter Association, that is! Plus, the setup for the new story arc!

April Graphic Novels

Bleach volume 60 plus more great Shonen Jump titles are available now!

Fan Art From You

A masterfully drawn mash-up for Yoshihiro Togashi fans!

MANGA: Hunter x Hunter Vol. 31

It's election time! Who'll be the next Hunter Association chairman? Also, can anyone save the critically injured Gon?!

MANGA: Hunter x Hunter

Volume 30 review! The stunning conclusion to one of the wildest story arcs of the series!

MANGA: May Graphic Novels

SHONEN JUMP May graphic novels came out today! Which one will you get?

MANGA: January Graphic Novels

Check out these SHONEN JUMP titles for the month of January!

Welcome to HUNTER x HUNTER

Hunter x Hunter part.1
Hunters track down rare and priceless items. Many have tried to become one, but most give up or are killed during the exam. This is the story of one such Hunter, named Kurapika.

7 Great Manga Leaders!

Mitt Romney's a big flip-flopper! Obama can't get the economy going! Given the choice, I bet many people would choose someone else if they had the chance. A real leader—like these great manga leaders!


The fate of humanity lies in the outcome of the epic battle between Chairman Netero and the Chimera Ant King.